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Monday Miscellany

So much stuff stirring around in my brain right now. SO MUCH. That means bullet points for you!

  • Every time I start to exercise regularly–and I mean every fucking time–I get sick. I have head congestion and a runny nose, which makes it impossible to run because I like to breathe. Breathing while running is hard enough when I feel great. JFC, universe!! Do you want me to be fat and lazy? Because that would be easier for me, and if that’s what my destiny is, I can go ahead and give in.
  • I’m going to do some gentle, non-inversiony yoga today. The purpose is to remind my muscles that we do like to move a bit and keep the habit of carving time out of my day to exercise.
  • BUT SERIOUSLY! WTF??? This is monumentally unfair.
  • Other important things: I desperately need a job. If you want to pay me money, let me know. I’ll do anything! (Although, I’d prefer to edit or write or proofread. I’ve done a little bit of those things freelance, and would enjoy doing more.) However, if you need someone to do the weird stuff, I can do that, too.

  • After finishing up the edits (and cutting 25,000 words) on The Waning Moon, I decided to reward myself with a little gaming. I’m not much of a gamer (anymore), but there are a few things I like. It’d been a while since I’d played on my PC (I don’t even use the PC for anything–it just sits around getting dusty and storing old photos of the Bean), and it was a PITA to get everything set up. BUT, finally Saturday evening post Bean bedtime, I was in and playing Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’ve killed some stuff, which is a nice break from writing all day where I also have been killing.

  • The Bean and I have been making bread every weekend he’s here. He’s becoming such a great helper (and I’m almost sincere about that now!) and really enjoys kitchen stuff.


  • He’ll be five in less than two weeks, and I’m not sure I’m ready. It’s fun watching him grow up and become his own person, but he’s almost too big for me to pick up (I need him to ‘jump’ when I pick him up), and carry, and hold–although we do our best. He’s been extra cuddly lately, and I’m taking advantage of that as much as possible. I know there will come a day when he doesn’t want me to hold him anymore.

  • This week’s focus is getting the crap stuff having to do with The Waning Moon done–synopsis and blurb. It took 130,000 words to tell the story originally–how am I expected to break that down to a couple pages, much less a couple paragraphs? Once I talk about coffee and tacos, I’m out of space!
  • The first newsletter went out last week with an exclusive peek at one of my favorite amusing bits from The Waning Moon, as well as the first chapter of Raj’s story. Sign up now to learn more about our favorite vampire!
  • If you’ve read The Cardinal Gate and are so inclined, I’d be delighted and grateful if you’d review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.
  • Of course, if you haven’t read The Cardinal Gate, I’d be even more delighted and grateful if you did! (It’s available on Amazon in paperback, ebook, and Kindle Unlimited.)


That’s about enough miscellany for today. Have a great week!


Just a Few Things Friday – August Goals

AHHH!  It’s August already. I know that every month, people are like, “Hey! Can you believe [month] is over and it’s already [month]?” But c’mon! AUGUST!

Of course, August means that it’s almost my half birthday, and I have just now decided that is awesome and I should celebrate.

What am I going to do this month? It’s going to be pretty exciting! Hold on to your hats, gentle readers, because this shit’s about to get real, yo!

  1. I am going to take an entire week off of work and spend 2.5 days of that week ALONE IN MY HOUSE! (I know, I party like a rock star in 1999, right?)
  2. I am going to orient two new employees (the 3rd starts 9/2/14) and try to convince them that all of my staff regularly surprises me with hazelnut lattes. (So far, this hasn’t worked on anyone.)
  3. I am going to work out a lot. I want my arms to get even more awesome looking. I might even try to do a pull-up. I will fail, most likely, but perhaps if I try often enough someday I will not fail.
  4. I am going to meal plan like a crazy person. Or like Cat. (Same thing? Who knows?)
  5. I am going to celebrate my half birthday. I just decided that about 2 minutes ago, but there might be cake.  Or maybe champagne.
  6. I will get my orthotics and then buy some new shoes.
  7. I will not pass out nor will I vomit when I talk for <2 minutes in front of a room of residents and doctors at 7 am on Monday morning.
  8. I will read something that does not qualify as either “paranormal” or “romance” and it will be good.
  9. I will, by Seshat, get through the first edit of the first book.
  10. I will get my ass out of this chair RIGHT NOW and go for a swim.

Happy (I can’t believe it’s) August!

You are cordially invited to the gun show.

You are cordially invited to the gun show.

If I’m supposed to follow my dreams, where do I find the flatware?

Bullet Friday. Shouldn’t be too dangerous, as I don’t own a firearm to shoot them at you.

  • Last night, I dreamed I was shopping for flatware – not even silver. Just stainless steel flatware. That is a waste of REM, let me tell you. I was bored in my own dream. Lamesauce!
  • Alvie Bean is teething. Again. Apparently the teeth just keep on coming! How many teeth does one baby need, anyway? You’d think six would be plenty.
  • Mr. Bean is also perfecting his standing up skills. He can now stand for nearly a minute before getting distracted and needing to be somewhere else right this very second!
  • This year’s garden is going to be 80% tomatoes and peppers and 20% things we can just pick and eat. Peas, beans, lettucey things. This is an attempt to get the Bean super into gardening. We already have blueberries and strawberries, so I think it will be awesome. (And maybe entice him to eat foods and not rocks when we’re outside. A girl can dream.)
  • I bought a round brush, just like I said I was going to. And another eye shadow brush. I am becoming so girly!
  • It is now 11 am, and the Bean is getting cranky. It is nap time, but yet, we need to leave in 1/2 hour. This should be fun. (You’re welcome, Jen! Thanks for watching him!)


Enlisting in the Bon Jovi Hair Club for Women

Just a quick check-in. I am trying to resume my more consistent blogging schedule. Now that I have found the best workout time for me (start b/w 5:30 – 6 am), and I getting to work early most days (7:30 am-ish) so that I can go home and maximize time w/ the Bean (karaoke dance party, my house, 5:30 pm on week days!), I’m feeling like my old self again!

I had just convinced myself that would be more productive if I just focused on one thing at a time. Workouts. Work (and one thing at a time there). Mothering. Etc. And then, someone else scooped my brain (but not in a gross way) and wrote a whole post about it yesterday! BUT – it’s working. I am productive.

However, I am also a little strange and have a lot of things rattling around in my head. Nothing interesting enough for a full-blown blog post (although I dictated a whole blog post to my phone last week on my morning commute that references Dr. Seuss’s Pale Green Pants in a roundabout way).

SO – Lists!

Things I have purchased (or considered purchasing) in the last few weeks that make me confused.

  1. Eyelash curler (i.e. medieval torture-like device thingy that I’m not sure actually does anything but frighten me)
  2. Flat iron (that I use! With regularity! My hair, especially now that it’s shorter, is no longer stick straight which is confusing)
  3. Eye makeup palettes
  4. A new eye makeup brush
  5. Primer. For my face.
  6. Hair scuplty stuff
  7. Round brush (on the list, not yet purchased)
  8. Curling iron (seriously, I don’t even know who I am anymore)
  9. More eye makeup brushes, because 2 are not enough

By the time I’m 40, I’ll be a full-fledged girl! Margaret got me started with the fancy shoes almost 10 years ago, and now I’m doing things to my hair and face that take longer than 5 minutes. So weird.

And List #2 –

Songs that are making me feel really old right now

  1. Beastie Boys: Fight for your Right to Party. Specifically the lyric (that I am typing from memory) “My dad caught me smoking & he said no way, but that hypocrite smokes 2 packs a day.” I just want to sit the Boys down and say, “He’s probably just trying to save you from making the same mistake he did. He’s coming from a place of love!”
  2. Fun.: We Are Young. Because of the whole staying until the bar closes. Why would I do that? I would rather be home sleeping! (See above getting up early to work out.)
  3. Bon Jovi: Wanted Dead or Alive. Specifically the lyric that mentions knowing what day it is by the bottle that he drinks. Yeah, sometimes I know what day it is by which pill I take out of my 7-day pill holder thingie (scientific name).
  4. There were more, but due to my advanced age, I don’t remember!

Anyways – still here. I have a shoe post full of spring trends that will be up next week for Shoesday, and hope to be here more regularly again.

Favorite Fall Facts Friday

Since I missed three thing Thursday due to actually having to work, I am, instead, going to talk about why I love fall, and why I might have a break-down if the weather doesn’t break soon. (Although, I do love the PNW – my weather channel app keeps sending me weather alerts due to our unseasonable heat. Highs in the low 90s. I love this climate.)

Autumn leaves. Cool morning temps. Wood fire smell. Geese flying in formation. Sweaters. Soup. Sitting outside after the sun goes down. Garden tomatoes. Chrysanthemums. New Castle episodes!

Fall boots. Roasted Root Vegetables. Needing a blanket. Hallowe’en. Crockpot cooking. Vinter Varmer. Tweed skirts. Corn mazes. Fall spice smells (cinnamon & cloves). Blustery days.

Warm kitten bellies. Baking. Peacoats. Red wine. Fall fruits. My anniversary! Pumpkins. Thanksgiving. Snuggling. Fall runs in Forest Park. Apples.

Scarves. Pumpkin spice lattes. Flannel sheets. Canning season.  Pie.  Red wine. Argyle socks. No more mosquitos! Full rain barrels. Hot cocoa.

Apple cider. Chili and cornbread. Chocolate chip cookies. Slippers and robes. Good books on chilly days. The maple tree down the street. School supplies. Squashes. The sound of dying leaves under my boots.  Jack-o-Lanterns.


I just hope I survive this weekend heat wave and that autumn, and all its wonderfulness, starts soon!