If I’m supposed to follow my dreams, where do I find the flatware?

Bullet Friday. Shouldn’t be too dangerous, as I don’t own a firearm to shoot them at you.

  • Last night, I dreamed I was shopping for flatware – not even silver. Just stainless steel flatware. That is a waste of REM, let me tell you. I was bored in my own dream. Lamesauce!
  • Alvie Bean is teething. Again. Apparently the teeth just keep on coming! How many teeth does one baby need, anyway? You’d think six would be plenty.
  • Mr. Bean is also perfecting his standing up skills. He can now stand for nearly a minute before getting distracted and needing to be somewhere else right this very second!
  • This year’s garden is going to be 80% tomatoes and peppers and 20% things we can just pick and eat. Peas, beans, lettucey things. This is an attempt to get the Bean super into gardening. We already have blueberries and strawberries, so I think it will be awesome. (And maybe entice him to eat foods and not rocks when we’re outside. A girl can dream.)
  • I bought a round brush, just like I said I was going to. And another eye shadow brush. I am becoming so girly!
  • It is now 11 am, and the Bean is getting cranky. It is nap time, but yet, we need to leave in 1/2 hour. This should be fun. (You’re welcome, Jen! Thanks for watching him!)


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