Eleven Months with Alvie Bean

Dear Alvie,

Today you are eleven months old! Almost one! You are the most active baby ever. You love our weekly dates with Daddy, and everyone at the brew pub we go to loves you, too.

Valentine's Day dates

Valentine’s Day dates


You are a big outdoors baby, and love our trips to the park. I can’t wait until it’s nice enough to play outside more. You are fascinated with leaves, and grass, and dirt, and love to walk around (assisted, of course).

2013-02-15 16.00.02

2013-02-15 16.10.00

This pine cone looks delicious

You are so curious about everything, and love to take apart your play mat. Over and over and over and…

2013-02-16 18.53.45

2013-02-17 13.46.13

Studying anatomy; future research scientist here, I hope

You still love food, and we love trying all sorts of new things. You adore blueberries, and we eat them almost every day!  You also love all the things mommy and daddy eat, and sometimes it’s hard to believe that you really can eat as much as you do. You are a bottomless pit some days.

2013-02-18 08.52.35

Oatmeal, blueberries and yogurt = the best breakfast

You really, really want to be friends with the cats. They really, really don’t want anything to do with you. Earlier this month, you entered a dispute over who got to sit in the giant box.

2013-02-18 09.21.51

2013-02-18 09.29.31

Helping mama figure out how to install the new big boy car seat.

You are just the sweetest little guy. You talk, talk, talk all of the time. You love playing the piano and the guitar, and with the musical toys. You are always on the go and always making noise.

Grandma is here this week and has been teaching you all sorts of tricks. When I came home from work on Tuesday, she said, “Guess what Alvie learned to do today?”

And now, you can stand up all by yourself. And do. A lot. And it makes you very, very happy.


Standing up like a big boy

And also? You’ve started taking one or two steps at a time. Unsupported. That’s almost walking. WALKING. What is up with that?


You have been having so much fun with grandma this week, and I guess we’ll let her come back sometime, even if she is a bad influence and teaches you all sorts of crazy tricks.


Body slamming grandma, WWE style

I’m guessing that the next month – from now until you turn one – is not going to calm down any. You are still the happiest baby around, which is so much fun. I love coming home to your smiles. I love hearing you laugh. I love chasing you all around the house and up the stairs.

Ready for his close up

Ready for his close up

But mostly, I just love you.



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