Three Things Thursday
Three Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday

1. My mother is here! She arrived last Saturday and leaves in two days. 🙁 She has, however, been spending a ton of quality time with her adorable grandson. She has had him at home for the last 3 days, and so far they’re both doing great with that.



2. Work! It is busy, busy, busy! And there is this whole sequester thing that is affecting everything! So I am spinning in circles and feel a bit like a chicken with my head cut off.

3. Exercise! Ehhhhn. I am not where I want to be, and that pisses me off irritates me a wee little bit.  I want to be strong. I want to not look at the scale. I want to fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes. I want to be able to do all the exercises in my kick-ass circuit class without needing a moment to quietly die (i.e. child’s pose). But most of all, now that I have joined a new, no-frills gym that features a rope, I want to do this:

Maybe with a slightly smaller audience, though

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  1. Alisa Dunlap

    Yay for grandma!

    As for exercise, can we please focus on the positive?!?! You are getting out there and GOING to circuit class which can only make you stronger. You ARE getting stronger, let’s focus on that =).

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