Enlisting in the Bon Jovi Hair Club for Women

Just a quick check-in. I am trying to resume my more consistent blogging schedule. Now that I have found the best workout time for me (start b/w 5:30 – 6 am), and I getting to work early most days (7:30 am-ish) so that I can go home and maximize time w/ the Bean (karaoke dance party, my house, 5:30 pm on week days!), I’m feeling like my old self again!

I had just convinced myself that would be more productive if I just focused on one thing at a time. Workouts. Work (and one thing at a time there). Mothering. Etc. And then, someone else scooped my brain (but not in a gross way) and wrote a whole post about it yesterday! BUT – it’s working. I am productive.

However, I am also a little strange and have a lot of things rattling around in my head. Nothing interesting enough for a full-blown blog post (although I dictated a whole blog post to my phone last week on my morning commute that references Dr. Seuss’s Pale Green Pants in a roundabout way).

SO – Lists!

Things I have purchased (or considered purchasing) in the last few weeks that make me confused.

  1. Eyelash curler (i.e. medieval torture-like device thingy that I’m not sure actually does anything but frighten me)
  2. Flat iron (that I use! With regularity! My hair, especially now that it’s shorter, is no longer stick straight which is confusing)
  3. Eye makeup palettes
  4. A new eye makeup brush
  5. Primer. For my face.
  6. Hair scuplty stuff
  7. Round brush (on the list, not yet purchased)
  8. Curling iron (seriously, I don’t even know who I am anymore)
  9. More eye makeup brushes, because 2 are not enough

By the time I’m 40, I’ll be a full-fledged girl! Margaret got me started with the fancy shoes almost 10 years ago, and now I’m doing things to my hair and face that take longer than 5 minutes. So weird.

And List #2 –

Songs that are making me feel really old right now

  1. Beastie Boys: Fight for your Right to Party. Specifically the lyric (that I am typing from memory) “My dad caught me smoking & he said no way, but that hypocrite smokes 2 packs a day.” I just want to sit the Boys down and say, “He’s probably just trying to save you from making the same mistake he did. He’s coming from a place of love!”
  2. Fun.: We Are Young. Because of the whole staying until the bar closes. Why would I do that? I would rather be home sleeping! (See above getting up early to work out.)
  3. Bon Jovi: Wanted Dead or Alive. Specifically the lyric that mentions knowing what day it is by the bottle that he drinks. Yeah, sometimes I know what day it is by which pill I take out of my 7-day pill holder thingie (scientific name).
  4. There were more, but due to my advanced age, I don’t remember!

Anyways – still here. I have a shoe post full of spring trends that will be up next week for Shoesday, and hope to be here more regularly again.

One response to “Enlisting in the Bon Jovi Hair Club for Women

  1. in return for scoooping yer cranium I should so give you my straightening iron. I thought, falsely, TWO YEARS AGO I would try straightening my hair. The thing is still in the box 🙂