March 2013 Goals

February recap:

Not TOO bad. Let’s take a look and then keep going forward.

February 2013 Goals

  1. Send the New Years cards. They are here. There are envelopes. There are addresses. For the love of all things holy, MAIL THEM ALREADY! – FAIL! They are still on the dining room table.
  2. Take little dude swimming at least once. – FAIL! Dammit.
  3. Taxes filed. – SUCCESS! Taxes filed, refunds received!
  4. Have a great birthday. (2/24, in case you’re curious.) – SUCCESS!
  5. Finish Alvie Bean birth shadow box – FAIL! Maybe by his 1st birthday.

February 2013 Exercise Goals

  1. Run a 10K (virtual, not part of the series) – FAIL! In fact, running is on hiatus. Maybe forever. Who knows.
  2. Log 100 miles (walking + running), including my random stepping about work. 80% SUCCESS!
  3. Hit 20 hours of exercise for the month – SUCCESS! 23 hours down!
  4. Bday Trail Run – EHHH SUCCESS? I did a 4 mile hike with a wee bit of running.
  5. Walk with the Bean 2x/week. It’s time for family exercise! – 5/8 SUCCESS! We did five walks. 

March 2013 Goals

  1. New Year’s cards
  2. Alvie Bean shadow box
  3. Dig rain garden & finish winter clear-out of garden
  4. Make some cheese (I haven’t for so long)
  5. Get the new car seat installed.

March 2013 Exercise Goals

  1. Log 100 miles walking
  2. Hit 25 hours of exercise
  3. Try one new exercise or class
  4. Walk with the Bean 2x/week
  5. Yoga 3x/week
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