Goin’ Faster than a Rollercoaster

Such an up & down week. Monday was a holiday and I got up all early and hit the bike trainer for a great workout and then got a great 60 minute yoga class of hardness.

Tuesday morning I was a big brave dog and went to a circuit class at the gym. It was very, very hard. VERY HARD. Also, awesome. There was pain and tears and wishing for death (not really; apparently that is not currently an acceptable thing to say). I finished the class and felt so amazing. SO AMAZING. Also, I was the only one who wanted to use the locker room after, so I just pretended I had a very big bathroom.

And then I went out to my car. It was 6:45 am. I was going to go to work. I’d already worked out all hard core and stuff.

And my front passenger side window was broken out. And my briefcase was missing.

In the (much loved Kenneth Cole) briefcase? Let’s see:

  1. My even more beloved kate spade wallet
  2. Two debit cards & my corporate credit card
  3. Driver’s license
  4. Random & sundry other wallety card things (Fred meyer card, zoo card, insurance cards, AAA card, etc.)
  5. $40 cash
  6. Smart phone (at least now my phone won’t have a smashed screen, right?)
  7. My eyeglasses
  8. My sunglasses
  9. My work ID
  10. My pool punch card
  11. My work padfolio with my to do lists which makes me very confused at work. What am I doing?
  12. AND – a week’s worth of prescription drugs (which gets you a personal visit from the police when you file a report)

Fortunately, my vision insurance rolls over on 3/1/13, so I can get new glasses then! I have replaced numbers 10, 11, and 12. Replacements for numbers 3 & 7 are on their way to me.

I should probably go do something about the driver’s license, right? And then a new wallet, briefcase & padfolio so that I can be a professional and know what I’m doing.

It was such a bummer. There were so many tears and (self) recriminations. I felt so stupid! I know better. This is not the first time I’ve been so dumb as to leave stealables in my car. I am trying to remember that although leaving my stuff wasn’t the best decision, it was still better than the decision to be the kind of person who breaks into cars and steals other things stuff.

Good things:

  1. It was sunny so no rain got into my car before I could get the window fixed.
  2. The only card that was used before cancellation was my corporate card.
  3. I am eligible for new frames & lenses on my insurance in a week.
  4. I have a back-up kinda smart phone, and can get a new phone in less than 6 months on my Verizon contract.
  5. I still got in a killer workout AND a nice walk.

While walking to pick up the Bean, I had a revelation (which is an exciting post for Tuesday) and suddenly although I’m still pretty pissed at both the perps (look at me with my crime talk) and myself, I felt a lot a better about myself and the world in general.

And then Wednesday morning I got up and went for a 6 am swim (and had my swim card replaced FOR FREE!). And things looked up.

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