Favorite Fall Facts Friday

Since I missed three thing Thursday due to actually having to work, I am, instead, going to talk about why I love fall, and why I might have a break-down if the weather doesn’t break soon. (Although, I do love the PNW – my weather channel app keeps sending me weather alerts due to our unseasonable heat. Highs in the low 90s. I love this climate.)

Autumn leaves. Cool morning temps. Wood fire smell. Geese flying in formation. Sweaters. Soup. Sitting outside after the sun goes down. Garden tomatoes. Chrysanthemums. New Castle episodes!

Fall boots. Roasted Root Vegetables. Needing a blanket. Hallowe’en. Crockpot cooking. Vinter Varmer. Tweed skirts. Corn mazes. Fall spice smells (cinnamon & cloves). Blustery days.

Warm kitten bellies. Baking. Peacoats. Red wine. Fall fruits. My anniversary! Pumpkins. Thanksgiving. Snuggling. Fall runs in Forest Park. Apples.

Scarves. Pumpkin spice lattes. Flannel sheets. Canning season.  Pie.  Red wine. Argyle socks. No more mosquitos! Full rain barrels. Hot cocoa.

Apple cider. Chili and cornbread. Chocolate chip cookies. Slippers and robes. Good books on chilly days. The maple tree down the street. School supplies. Squashes. The sound of dying leaves under my boots.  Jack-o-Lanterns.


I just hope I survive this weekend heat wave and that autumn, and all its wonderfulness, starts soon!

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