Just a Few Things Friday – August Goals

AHHH!  It’s August already. I know that every month, people are like, “Hey! Can you believe [month] is over and it’s already [month]?” But c’mon! AUGUST!

Of course, August means that it’s almost my half birthday, and I have just now decided that is awesome and I should celebrate.

What am I going to do this month? It’s going to be pretty exciting! Hold on to your hats, gentle readers, because this shit’s about to get real, yo!

  1. I am going to take an entire week off of work and spend 2.5 days of that week ALONE IN MY HOUSE! (I know, I party like a rock star in 1999, right?)
  2. I am going to orient two new employees (the 3rd starts 9/2/14) and try to convince them that all of my staff regularly surprises me with hazelnut lattes. (So far, this hasn’t worked on anyone.)
  3. I am going to work out a lot. I want my arms to get even more awesome looking. I might even try to do a pull-up. I will fail, most likely, but perhaps if I try often enough someday I will not fail.
  4. I am going to meal plan like a crazy person. Or like Cat. (Same thing? Who knows?)
  5. I am going to celebrate my half birthday. I just decided that about 2 minutes ago, but there might be cake.  Or maybe champagne.
  6. I will get my orthotics and then buy some new shoes.
  7. I will not pass out nor will I vomit when I talk for <2 minutes in front of a room of residents and doctors at 7 am on Monday morning.
  8. I will read something that does not qualify as either “paranormal” or “romance” and it will be good.
  9. I will, by Seshat, get through the first edit of the first book.
  10. I will get my ass out of this chair RIGHT NOW and go for a swim.

Happy (I can’t believe it’s) August!

You are cordially invited to the gun show.

You are cordially invited to the gun show.

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