May 2014 Goals

Once again, I’m a few days in to May. I really like to let the month percolate a bit before committing to anything.

April in Review

April 2014 Goals

  1. Make it to Rivendell on my “Walking to Mordor” adventure – almost success! I am SO CLOSE! I will be there this week.
  2. Have fun 2-year-old birthday shenanigans with Alvie Bean. – SUCCESS! The Bean turned two and we had fun. And somewhere there are pictures. I haven’t seen them yet – either the pics from school OR from present opening at home, but they exist!
  3. Hit the gym for strength training 2 days/week. – 100% FAIL! I didn’t go to the gym once in April.
  4. Go to all marathon training long runs. All. – 75% SUCCESS! I missed one due to illness.
  5. 30K new words. – 63% SUCCESS! I wrote 19,000 words.
  6. Continue to eschew sugar. – complete and utter failure. It was almost like I tried to make up for sugar-free March AND any future plans to go sugar free just in case. Oops!
  7. Get the budget done. Make it good. Celebrate. – ARGHHH! IT WILL NEVER BE DONE! I did finish what I thought was a final draft, but then it came back! It’s like the zombie budget that will not die. I’m gonna call it a success because it’s not my fault. I totally double-tapped that bastard and it still came back.
  8. Garden prep! At least 50% – Nope.
  9. 11 flights of stairs/day at work. – 100% SUCCESS! At work, we had stair-climbing teams, and the first team of 7 to climb 2,900 flights of stairs won. You could only count 20 flights/day. My team TOTALLY won. Because we are awesome.
  10. Keep up with my #100happydays – 100% SUCCESS! I have found something that made me happy every day!

May 2014 Goals

  1. Get to Rivendell!
  2. Strength Training five times (1 down!)
  3. Have a good (read go to it and finish) race on 5/10
  4. 25K new words
  5. Plant some stuff in the garden
  6. Keep on keeping on with #100happydays
  7. Run more than 50 miles
  8. Take Alvie Bean to the Zoo
  9. Figure out a schedule that allows me to accomplish near-daily workouts, writing, and daily going to work for 9 hours. I am a morning person, and I get up and write most mornings at about 5 am, but then when I’ve planned my post-work workouts, I don’t do them because I’m lazy and tired. Right now, I am supposed to be running, but I am not.
  10. Get the architect a kick-ass and as-yet undetermined birthday gift.

Exciting notes! In the first four months of this year, I surpassed my 2013 & 2012 total miles run, and I should pass 2011 sometime in June and 2010 sometime in July, and 2008 by the end of August.

The strongman - my weight-lifting inspiration

The strongman – my weight-lifting inspiration

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