Is This Thing On? Five Things Friday

AHHHH! Hi! I made it through April! Or at least the stressful part of April. Yay!


I have five things to tell you, since listicles are the only way I’m getting a blog post out today.

  1. I have, so far, attended 1/3 of my marathon training group long runs. However, I’ve done 2/3 of the runs. I got lost last weekend (due to an error in the address of the run starting point) and had to make my own frun.
  2. Alvie is still great. I know! You’re surprised, right? However, the other day, we had a conversation (like with questions! and answers! and dialogue!) about the zoo, and when I asked him what animals he wanted to see, he said dolphins and a stegosaurus. (The stegosaurus requested sounded more like sticker-sore, and we had to go back and forth a bit until he said, “No, Mummy. Sticker-sore. Dinosaur Train. Time Tunnel.” Then I figured out stegosaurus. I can’t believe he didn’t add a “duh” to the end of his explanation, because the tone was sure there.) I’m afraid the Zoo is going to be a wee bit disappointing.
  3. I am not winning at going to the gym to lift heavy things twice a week. I asked my accountability team to hold me accountable, and then AVOIDED them when I didn’t go. Someone pointed out to me today that it’s no good asking for help if I’m going to avoid them after. Whatever. PTHBTTTTTT.
  4. I have, overall, been a giant slacker this month. Work has been kicking my ass, and then there was that bout of crazy-ass insomnia that left me exhausted, and some other issues, and basically, the whole month has been lame. I haven’t been getting my miles, or my yards, or my words. I feel a bit like I’ve been failing. I’ve been trying to remind myself that I’m getting some miles, and some yards (and had a 1800 yard non-pregnancy time PR on Wednesday!), and some words, but not hitting my reasonable goals is making me feel badly.
  5. I did do one brave thing! I have a colleague which whom I’ve had a couple of conversations about writing. A week ago, I proposed to her that we start a writing group. Our new group, tentatively called “bats” (because that was the subject line of the email that I copied to my calendar, and it’s sticking), will meet on the last Tuesday of every month at different locations. Our agenda is to (a) order an adult beverage, (b) do a status check, and then (c) drink aforementioned beverages and write while being as anti-social as possible. Yesterday we added a third member to our group.

Happy Friday, y’all! Have a wonderful weekend.

Birthday Scooter!

Birthday Scooter!


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