Twenty-five (25) Months with Alvie Bean

Dear Alvie,

I thought that maybe after you turned two, I’d stop with the monthly missives, but it turns out that I rather enjoy this process. Maybe I’ll stop after you’re three and just do an annual thing. Who knows! Maybe I’ll keep this up until you turn 50.

Not going to keep posting pics like this until you're 50, though.

Not going to keep posting pics like this until you’re 50, though.

It’s been another fantastic month. You are so very smart (and are now achieving a 90% success rate in opening doors!) and so determined to figure out how everything works.

2014-04-10 18.04.45

You are definitely developing some very strong opinions. About everything. You generally know exactly what you want and don’t understand why you don’t always get it.


You have really mastered jumping, and last night showed off these mad skills by jumping off of stairs. It was impressive and a little heart-stopping, but you managed without incident.

Puddle Jumper

Puddle Jumper

You are not without incidents, though! You are scraped and bruised most of the time now as your desire to do things does not outweigh your ability. You generally recover quickly, though. I am hoping that your curiosity about the lawn mower engine is quelled for a bit, after the burning. (You’re pretty cautious around things that are “hot” right now, and that includes anything that is not really, really cold.)

Definitely Not Hot

Definitely Not Hot

You have a new big boy bed in your room, but are not quite ready to take the plunge to move from your toddler bed up up up, even though the big boy bed has a giant Thomas on it.

2014-05-01 03.14.14

You love to play ou’side! With your bike and your scooter and the dirt (oh, you love the dirt!). You love to kick the ball and draw with the sidewalk chalk.


You enjoy legos and blocks and trains (which you no longer call ‘choos’). You love tunnels, and anything has the ability to be a tunnel. A time tunnel, to be exact. Whenever the train (or the Alvie, or the whatever) goes into the tunnel (or wherever), you exuberantly yell, “time tunnel ‘proaching!”). I love it.

School Time Tunnel

School Time Tunnel

Your favorite television shows (yes, we let you watch television) are “Daniel Tiger”, and “Dinosaur Train.” I prefer Dinosaur Train (which even though you now know and can pronounce both ‘dinosaur’ and ‘train’ you still call ‘choo-choo die!’) because I love dinosaurs! You, however, are on a Daniel Tiger kick right now.

You love helping mommy and daddy, but do not so much want mommy and daddy to help you. You are almost unfailingly polite (your pleases and thank yous and you’re welcomes are fantastic), if not always company polite (you often follow-up your ‘excuse mes’ with the reason you need to be excused. “‘scuse me, mommy. Butt farted.”)

He watered the blueberries so much I was afraid they'd drown

He watered the blueberries so much I was afraid they’d drown

You are on a mommy kick lately, which is nice for me, but not as nice for daddy when you refuse to let him read you your good-night story. I know that balance will shift again, though, so I’m enjoying it while I can.

2014-04-21 19.51.33

You love other people and are always talking about your friends. You always want the neighbor kids to come play, and are generally very concerned with the whereabouts of Carrie (or cawwy) from across the street.

You have so much to say and so much love! If you do have the occasional tantrum or melt-down, it’s over in the blink of the eye and you’re back to sunny, friendly Lello.

I love you Bean.



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