Five Things Friday

  1. In my journey to Mordor, I am currently 3 miles away from Rivendell. I will get there today so I can spend the night with the elves. I Googled “hot elves” so that I could add in an inspirational picture, but instead, I was a little shocked, a lot horrified, and may need to bleach my brain. There are a lot of people who have way too much time on their hands.
  2. Tomorrow I am running a race. I have to go pick up my race packet today. I am still unsure about what distance I’m going to run (if they’ll let me switch). I know I can complete either distance, but feel like the shorter distance would = less pain the day after.
  3. I am hiring a new person in my division to replace someone who’s leaving (sads!) for greener pastures and am a little surprised at how many people are not good at applying for jobs. I feel like I should start teaching a seminar. Of course, the people who attend my new seminar series are probably not going to be the ones that need it the most.
  4. Speaking of over-priced consultants, I would pay someone if they would come convince my son that vegetables are delicious. I can’t even get him to eat things covered in cheese. The only way he gets any veggies is in smoothies and those squeezy fruit/veg pouches. I know that he’s not suffering from malnutrition or anything, but who doesn’t like carrots? Or broccoli? Or beets? And how does he know which of the new foods are vegetables and therefore must be avoided? ACK!  (I’m making Cat’s veggie cookies this weekend and will report back on my success, and possibly send her some well-earned payments.*)
  5. OMG. Supernatural. My latest tv obsession. Last night when I was watching my allowed two episodes before bed, the architect looked at the tv and said, “episode 51? Are you serious? Didn’t you just start watching this last week?” And I replied, “No. It’s been like 10 days. Bite me.” (Am super mature.) I started out with mad love for Dean (because I like his car), but my tastes have moved on to the younger brother.  I would like to caution against watching it alone, in the dark, in a strange house that has strange house noises, though. I did that last Saturday (I was hanging out at my neighbor’s, watching her daughter, and binge-watching Netflix). I don’t get creeped out easily, and haven’t yet found a scary movie that actually scares me, but when her dog got up to have a drink of water during a pivotal creepy scene, I nearly hit the ceiling.


*Payment might take the form of compliments or cookies or something.

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