Stop watching me sleep

The other night I dreamed that I woke up suddenly because someone sat down on my bed.

It was Cat. Now, I think Cat is awesome, and I would love to have her come visit. An entire country separates us, and that is just sad. However, I’m not sure that a surprise wake-up is how I would envision that visit.

Anyway – in my dream I was not alarmed. I was super excited to show her my book collection. I have one bookshelf that was my dad’s and it is gorgeous. It has glass doors to protect the books, and that’s where I keep all my old books, religious books, signed books, and my dad’s Agatha Christie collection.

Cat was completely underwhelmed by my old book collection and mocked my religious texts collection, which I thought was rude. So I told her that I was changing my will and she was no longer inheriting all my books and then we went out for drinks.


There’s no real point to this story, other than it was really weird. Also, I wonder how often people dream about hanging out with people they’ve never met IRL.

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