A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away*

I used to do weekly workout goals. I stopped when I was super pregnant, started up briefly again after Alvie was born, but stopped quickly because it was depressing and I was already depressed enough without confronting a weekly fail report.

But, I am no longer deep in the throes of post-partum anxiety/depression. I am, however, struggling very much with some anxiety issues (not really, mom! do not worry!) and since my department is down a few employees right now, this week is going to be pretty intense.

When I get stressed, three things happen.

  1. I start having even MOAR anxiety issues
  2. I start getting weird migraine-like symptoms that may or may not end in debilitating headache pain
  3. I stop sleeping

My tried and true methods for dealing with said stress:

  1. Food
  2. Booze

However, it turns out when I’m consistently stressed and anxious, and I’m seeing auras everywhere out of the corner of my eyes, and I’m not sleeping, I get stuck in a cycle of being stressed and anxious because it’s hard to break out of this cycle when I’m exhausted, and although wine is lovely, I have too many things going on in my life to use it as a crutch.

So – I have had to resurrect my Aggressive HappinessTM gold star charts, and am going to start blogging weekly goals to (a) increase my accountability and (b) help me get a gold star since one of my gold stars is blogging-related.

This week’s goals (and a pass/fail result from last week):

  1. Work out 4+ times (last week: 2.)
  2. Lift weights 1+ times (last week: SUCCESS!)
  3. Write 7,000 words (last week: 5800)
  4. Blog 2+ times (last week: 1)
  5. Instagram my 100 happy days 7 times (last week: SUCCESS!)
  6. Floss 5+ times (last week: SUCCESS!)
  7. Climb 70+ flights of stairs (last week: SUCCESS!)
  8. Do my work walk commute 8 times (4 round-trips) (last week: 7)
  9. Walk or run 4+ miles 4+ times (last week: 1)

Hopefully, having some very concrete but not crazy out-of-this- world goals will help me maintain my sanity as I slog through the four days I have to work this week before my four day vacation.


*Actually, same galaxy, but it was pre-Alvie, so it seems like both ages ago and a completely different place.

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