And then we all died*

*Not really.


So – I am back at it after a 4-day weekend. A weekend that was filled with chest colds for the whole family.

And urine. Lots and lots of urine. I had decided, since Alvie has been using the potty a lot and has expressed an interest in becoming a big boy and wearing Big Boy Underwear, that we would do 4-day potty training boot camp.

We started off strong on Friday morning. Alvie was super excited about his Thomas underwear. We used the potty! He always told me when he had to go (albeit about 1/2 second before he had to go, but it was Day! One! I was stoked!). Saturday morning, we all woke up feeling crappy. By nap time, I was informed (by the Bean) that he would be wearing baby diapers, thankyouverymuch. And so, we went back to diapers. Saturday afternoon, Bean was inconsolable. Everything sucked. And since I also kind of wanted to curl up and cry, I totally understood.

And then yesterday (Monday), he was all, “what’s with these baby diapers, yo?! I’m pretty sure I wear underwear.” And he did. And other than an outside playtime accident, he was GREAT! all day. Until about 6 pm, when he proceeded to just pee wherever. Including on me once.

I was gone when he & the architect got up this morning, and he’ll be in bed when I get home, so who knows what he wore to school today? I sure don’t. Hopefully something.

Anyways, that’s not what I came to tell you. I wanted to say that I did nothing last week because it was long and stressful and then I was sick! But I did lift some weights. Twice! And I didn’t kill anyone. Nor did I die. So yay! I win!

Happy last week o’ May, everyone!

Alvie in his Thomas Underoos building a vewy, vewy, vewy high tower.

Alvie in his Thomas Underoos building a vewy, vewy, vewy high tower.

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