Five Things Friday

  1. Today I rode on a bus with eight two-year-olds. Fortunately, there were teachers and one other parent along for the ride, but it really emphasized to me how glad I only have one two-year-old to watch on a regular basis. It was my first time going on a field trip (as a parent), but I’m assuming it will come up again. (Also, Bean pee-pee’d in the potty at the library. Gooooooo Bean!)
  2. I am working from home today because of earlier referenced field trip. It would be a lot easier to do this if I had a manservant to bring me food and beverages. Alas! The architect, although also home right now, has so far refused to bring me lunch.
  3. I am feeling really lazy lately. Between lots of work, lots of sick, and lots of…well…lazy, I haven’t been doing a whole lot lately that involves getting off my ass.  That should probably change soon, since I’m running a marathon in October. Nineteen weeks. I am really, really sad that I’m running a marathon in October. I posted in January that I was running a lot until I “had” to do it, and then I’d stop. Yeah, that’s pretty much exactly what happened again. I apparently hate being told what to do so much that I rebel even against myself.
  4. It is a beautiful day from what I can see from my home office. Alas! I am in my office and not outside. I would like to become independently wealthy, now, please.
  5. This afternoon is our first parent-teacher conference for Alvie. I am sure that we’ll be told he’s Doogie Howser-esque but also rambunctious and has trouble with ‘nice hands’.  I’m sure he’ll also receive an award for cutest kid ever (I’m positive that’s an award that daycares hand out.)

2014-05-28 18.25.10

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