Welcome, 2014!

I feel good about this year. I feel confident that I will remain free of post-partum depression/anxiety. My methodology for avoiding this: no more babies.

I feel that it is likely that I will end the year in better shape than I’ve started it. I’d almost have to, really.

I am happier right now than I’ve been in a while, and I think that trend is likely to continue.

My 2013 goals – as we saw yesterday – did not end as well as I would’ve liked. But, that is in the past! So last year, and all that.

Moving forward – 14 goals for 2014. Some easy, some challenging. All fun(ish).

  1. Be a hermit
  2. But not too much
  3. Edit book 1 in the series
  4. End the year lighter than I started it
  5. Enjoy the moments
  6. Get something published for money
  7. Get to Mordor
  8. Learn a new skill
  9. Make a new friend
  10. No unjustifiable purchases (do I need it, how will I feel about this purchase in 1 week/month/year?)
  11. Read 125 new books
  12. Run for fun
  13. Start six new, good habits
    • Nightly flossing/face washing
    • 10K steps/day
    • 2 hours of cleaning every weekend
    • Meditate daily
    • Quarterly car maintenance
    • Weekly Bean time (library, park, or pool)
  14. Write book 2 in the series


Happy 2014, interwebs!

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