Peace out, 2013…don’t let the door hit you.

At the beginning of this year, I had high hopes that the year would be made of awesomesauce. I had lofty goals – 13 of them – and a good feeling about them.

But the post-partum stuff didn’t let go as quickly as possible, and the displaced sacrum didn’t right itself, and things happened that were not cool. Not cool at all.

A look back at the goals:

  1. Siransana with no wall assist. – SUCCESS! My yoga practice was quite good the first half of the year, actually.
  2. 1200 miles (walking and/or running). – FAIL! I logged just over 300 miles of deliberate walking & running.
  3. 10K PR – FAIL! I did one 10K, and that was actually a PW. The aforementioned sacrum issue really messed up my walking and running plans.
  4. Finalize the landscape plan & get at least 25% done. – ehhh – half success. The plan is finished and things are happening. Not sure I’m at 25%, but definitely further along than I was.
  5. Try/learn 12 new things, 6 of which need to be physical in orientation. Current contenders: mostly a fail here; I did try core power and took tennis lessons. But that was it for new things. A combo of lack of money, motivation, and depression really put a crimp in things.
    • Horseback riding
    • Pottery class
    • Sword-wielding class
    • Cross-fit
    • Core Power – did this one
    • Rowing
    • Cake decorating class
    • Knife class (for cooking, not throwing, although that would be cool, too)
    • Barre class
    • Rock climbing
    • How to make kimchi
    • Some kind of dance class
    • Phot0graphy class
  6. Be med-free by [the end of 2013] – SUCCESS! 100% SUCCESS! I went off my meds in April, and have been doing relatively well ever since. I’m not always feeling great, but I feel much, much better than I did a year ago at this time.
  7. Be back at 2008/2009 weight/fitness levels by mid-year-ish – FAIL! But, I am nearly 20 lbs lighter than I was a year ago, so progress.
  8. Enjoy time with the Bean. He won’t always want to spend this much time with me. – SUCCESS! He can be challenging. I thought I might need an old priest and a young priest yesterday, but I do love that little guy so very, very much. He is my bright spot.
  9. Have three great trips (great = not getting stressed out about arrangements, flying, or anything!) to Atlanta, South D, and AZ. – 2/3 SUCCESS! I didn’t go to AZ, but the other two trips were good, and not too stressful.
  10. Throw a kick-ass Hallowe’en party. Kick. Ass. – SUCCESS! I didn’t actually throw a Hallowe’en party, but that, in itself, was a success.
  11. Remember that sleep (7+ hours/night), hydration (60+ oz/day), and exercise (4+ hrs/week) make me a better mama, wife & employee… – FAIR TO MIDDLING success.
  12. Try to write a little every day, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. – UNMITIGATED SUCCESS! I didn’t write every day, but I wrote most days, and finished a novel (which is over-complete at ~150K words right now).
  13. Always take the scenic route. – NOT BAD. Not always, but more often than not, I remembered to stop and smell the roses. Or the coffee, if it was early.


And now – for the most important information I could provide to you. The 2013 workout stats in review!


21 swims; 35,250 total yards (20 miles) – an increase of 1,150 yards over last year.

Fastest paced swim – 12/16/13

Longest swim – 4/1/13, 2400 yds


62 total miles, 33.7 of which were in December (yay for the return to normal sacrum!)


93.4 miles, 25.4 of which were in December! (The most miles I’d run in a single month since July 2011, the month I got pregnant with Alvie.)

This is my lowest annual mileage since I started keeping records in 2008. In fact, I have months with higher mileages than the entirety of 2013. BUT – it was still more miles than I ran in any year prior to 2007! (I started running in 2006, but was pretty half-assed about it, and doubt I amassed 90+ miles).

17 strength training workouts (11 short of my 2009 record), an improvement of 14 over 2012

37 yoga classes (2 short of my 2011 record), an improvement of 19 classes over 2012

298.23 total workout hours; 32.59 minutes/day average

– this is an improvement of 83.77 hours over 2012, 44.71 hours over 2011, and 16.99 hours over 2010.

They are not the best annual stats I’ve ever pulled in, but they are good enough for me. I feel that I’ve really found my balance in the last quarter of 2013 between being a mother, wife, full-time employee (who manages a large and diverse team), writer, reader, and athlete. It will get better from here.

Happy after today's 3.92 miles to round out 2013!

Happy after today’s 3.92 miles to round out 2013!

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