January 2014 Goals
January 2014 Goals

January 2014 Goals

A new month in a new year. So much blank slate!

How did I do last year? Let’s check it out.

December 2013 Goals

  1. Have a monthly mileage record for most miles run since July 2011. – success! I totally had the highest monthly mileage since July 2011. Woo to the hoo!
  2. Swim 6000 yards to set an annual swimming record (since I started recording in 2008) – success! I swam 7000 yds. I was wrong about that being enough for a record though. In 2010 I swam 60,130 yds, and my 2013 total was only 35,250 – enough to take the #2 spot, but not nearly enough for the #1. I must have been smoking crack a month ago.
  3. Six yoga sessions to set an annual yoga record – fail…I did only 3 sessions – again, enough to earn a #2 spot, but 3 short of taking #1.
  4. No sick days – success! I missed no days due to anyone’s illnesses in December.
  5. Get into that next weight decade (4.5 lbs to go) – fail…I still have 4.5 lbs to go, in fact. I lost 0 lbs in December (I also gained 0 – so win?)
  6. Stay on top of work task lists – success!
  7. Send off the holiday packages to the east coast by the 14th of December – success!
  8. Finish my nanowrimo project (so close!) and move on the next one. – success!
  9. GAH! All I can think about is napping. That is not a December goal. Also not a goal: not barfing. WAIT! I know, I’m participating in Abvent this year w/ a bunch of other women. I missed day one due to stomach flu, but I will start today and get through the 24 days of abvent! (it’s crunches, reverse crunches & planking…) – fail…I did one day of this, but did not finish.
  10. Work on the simple carb consumption; I eat too many of these anyway, and with the holidays, it’s easy to get carried away with the desserts – mild success – I didn’t do too badly with this, which probably explains to the 0 weight gain, but did not have a great success which probably explains the 0 lbs lost.
  11. Have fun at the architect’s holiday party (yes, I have to work at this; fun in social settings does not always come easily) – mild success
  12. Do something brave – success.


And now – new year! new month!

January 2014 Goals

  1. Double December’s running mileage
  2. Regular yoga
  3. Floss daily (part of my 2014 annual good habit goals)
  4. Write 25K words on the new project
  5. Send out two query letters
  6. Get to Bree for a night at the Prancing Pony
  7. Get the oil changed in my car
  8. Read 11 books (9 to go!)
  9. Engage in my two online courses I’m taking
  10. Water myself regularly (goal: 48 oz/day)

Yay 2014! Yay January! And, since I haven’t done one of these in a while, yay Bean!

Time for a haircut, maybe?
Time for a haircut, maybe?




  1. Miki Kress

    you’re awesome! what on-line courses? i’ve tried some on coursera but also have an ‘engagement’ issue.

    love alvie’s hair. i’ve worn that ‘do myself. 🙂 <3

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