Back to Reality.

I haven’t been to work since 12/24. That was not quite two weeks ago (in fact, I only missed 6 days of work, counting weekends and holidays), but it seems like a lifetime ago. It’s almost as though it was last year, even!

So, what have I done?

We had Christmas. The Bean didn’t quite get it at first: “You want me to do what, now? Destroy this wrapping paper? Well, okay, if you insist.” He quickly got into the spirit and had a lovely time with his wonderful gifts.

My mom was in town for a week, and the Bean loved every second. He fell asleep in the car on the way to the airport to drop her off, and when we got home and I carried him inside, he was nearly inconsolable. He was certain I’d left her in the car, and even after we went and checked, he was pretty upset with me.

I ran. I biked. I yoga’d. Yesterday was my first rest day since Christmas. I feel good. I just hope I can keep up a fraction of that momentum going forward.

I didn’t much write. I finished book the first on the 29th, and then took an entire week off before starting book the second. I stared at the blank page way too often. I did a lot of “wikipedia research” that was less than fruitless. But then yesterday I dashed off 1300 words to mar that blank page and really get started. Once I finish book the second, I’ll go back to do the 1st edit/rewrite of book the first. Then I’ll do the second. And then the last. And then I’ll send out some queries and start book the third. I have rough outlines of the whole series.

I spent a lot of time with Mr. Bean. And some with the architect. I wish I’d spent some with a pile of money from a rich heretofore unknown uncle so I didn’t have to go back to work. I like my job and all, but I really, really liked being a gazelle of leisure.

Happy January, friends!

Tiny mustachioed Joker really enjoys his kale smoothies...

Tiny mustachioed Joker really enjoys his kale smoothies…

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