December 2013 Goals

You guys, I just typed December 2010 into the title bar. I am so tired that I feel that I’ve been awake that long. My long Thanksgiving weekend was marred by a vicious stomach flu. The Bean had a touch o’ flu Friday, but recovered quickly. The architect & I were decimated yesterday, and in fact, the architect is still home. I am a stupid, stupid gazelle and came to work. I have, however, managed to eat some food this morning AND it is still where it belongs, so yay?

Anyways, my workout goals once again ended up a bit short, due to the awesome amounts of time I spent being sick in November. I’ve taken more sick days in the last two months than I’ve taken in the previous five years, I think. In related news, anyone interested in a slightly-used toddler?

2013-11-30 09.53.21

He’s pretty cute. Also, he hardly ever body slams you when you’re lying on the bathroom floor wishing for death. No? oh, well. It’s probably for the best.


Moving on:

November 2013 Goals

  1. Surpass the total number of hours worked out in 2010. – SUCCESS! I hit this milestone on 11/25. Which is much later than I planned, but whatever. It’s done.
  2. Hit the most miles run since July 2011 (i.e. pre-pregnancy) – FAIL! I didn’t even have a 2013 monthly mileage record. Lamesauce.
  3. Win NaNoWriMo – SUCCESS! I hit this milestone on ALSO on 11/25. Go me!
  4. Get the room switch done (the Bean is moving to the bigger room, so I’m painting, cleaning carpets, and moving furniture this month) – SUCCESS! The rooms are switched and the Bean is ensconced in the new & improved digs. The first couple days were rough, but I think he’s getting used to it. There’s still some clean-up to be done in the new office room that the architect & I are sharing, but that is almost together, too!
  5. Catch up with my red-letter work task list – SUCCESS! I am feeling great about my work productivity.
  6. Hit my pre-pregnancy weight (1.5 lbs to go) – SUCCESS! I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and have about 20 lbs to go to reach my goal weight (and 30 to reach my secret unrealistic goal weight)
  7. PT exercises 5x/week – FAIL! Uhhh….oops. I don’t think I did any.
  8. Find a tennis partner – FAIL! I gave up on tennis due to always being sick. Maybe in 2014
  9. Start a regular yoga practice again – FAIL! But I’m committed to 6 yoga sessions in December; that will bring me to a gazelle world record for number of yoga sessions in a calendar year
  10. Locate a regular baby-sitter (since mine ran off to go to college. lame) – FAIL! I didn’t even try. Oh, well.
  11. Spend 5 minutes/day being grateful – ehhh…SUCCESS? I am grateful that I’m not dead after yesterday.

December 2013 Goals

  1. Have a monthly mileage record for most miles run since July 2011.
  2. Swim 6000 yards to set an annual swimming record (since I started recording in 2008)
  3. Six yoga sessions to set an annual yoga record
  4. No sick days
  5. Get into that next weight decade (4.5 lbs to go)
  6. Stay on top of work task lists
  7. Send off the holiday packages to the east coast by the 14th of December
  8. Finish my nanowrimo project (so close!) and move on the next one.
  9. GAH! All I can think about is napping. That is not a December goal. Also not a goal: not barfing. WAIT! I know, I’m participating in Abvent this year w/ a bunch of other women. I missed day one due to stomach flu, but I will start today and get through the 24 days of abvent! (it’s crunches, reverse crunches & planking…)
  10. Work on the simple carb consumption; I eat too many of these anyway, and with the holidays, it’s easy to get carried away with the desserts
  11. Have fun at the architect’s holiday party (yes, I have to work at this; fun in social settings does not always come easily)
  12. Do something brave

Happy December, y’all! Can you believe 2013 is almost over? CRAZY PANTS!



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