Statistical Anomalies

I love that phrase. Another phrase I enjoy:

The structural integrity has been compromised. (I get to use this a lot when we play with the legos.)

Anyway – the website I use for my writing,, gives me daily statistics on my writing. (There are also badges for participation! It’s like gold stars!)

Now that I’ve hit my 50,000 words, I’m not sprinting anymore, but am rather doing a slow, shake-out jog after crossing the finish line. I have just over three chapters to go. So I got up, like I do, at 5:30 am to do my writing.

At the bottom of my daily page summary on the site, it has a cloud of today’s most frequently used words.


I don’t know about you, but what I’m getting out of this is MY BACON COFFEE! Which is pretty much how I felt this morning. (Pay no attention to Isaac – he is a bacon-stealing jerk-face.)

Something that makes me sad is my maturity rating. My writing (I’m assuming it’s my writing and not me) is immature!


I have a really hard time believing that I’m below average in swearing and sexual content (although I’m now intrigued by the writing of my fellow 750worders). I am surprised that I’m average in violence. That just must mean that the rest of the 750-ers are not so violent. I am going to make it my goal to be above average in swearing! (And also, PG? Really? Have you met me, scoring algorithms?)

I did a Wordle of the top 100 words in my book thus far and after removing the common, boring words, was left with this:


I just want to point out that both ‘coffee’ and ‘beer’ are in the top one hundred. But – no curse words. I will just have to work harder!

Thanks for coming along on this journey with me. If you’re interested in the average amount of time it takes me to get to 750 words each day (18 minutes), the average number of words I write each day (1,365; although that number is 1,944 for November), and where I fall among other 750-ers in terms of adverb use (below average), let me know. There’s a lot more where that came from!



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