Doomed! (Please send help. Or at least advice.)

(No one has ever accused me of NOT being melodramatic.)

I feel like I’ve been sick forever. Or at least for the last couple of months. I just want to feel healthy again. No more nasty colds, no more fevers, no more stomach bugs (please, for the love of all things holy, no more stomach bugs). I want to breathe through my nose and not wake up feeling like death warmed over. No more headaches. No more stomach aches. No more nasty coughs.

I mean, I’ve worked in a hospital for the last 5.5 years, but I’m pretty sure it’s the Bean and his new daycare that are bringing me down. Other than sending him to boarding daycare (or selling him on eBay, which is apparently illegal), how can I keep from catching every last thing he brings home?

I refuse to stop accepting his hugs and kisses, but any other suggestion is fair game.

So, oh wise internets, hit me with your best shot. How do you stay healthy?

Would you turn down a kiss from this face? Yeah, I didn't think so...

Would you turn down a kiss from this face? Yeah, I didn’t think so…



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