July 2013 Goals

And, right on schedule (9 days late), here is my June recap & July goals! 🙂

June 2013 Goals

  1. Go to the Zoo with the Bean! – SUCCESS! The Bean and I, along with friends Jen & Penny, hit the Zoo.
  2. Write every day on 750words.com – FAIL! I did great until the very day I posted this as a goal; that day, I forgot and then just fell off the wagon.
  3. Keep up with the wheat-free eating (this is in solidarity with the Bean; a detailed post on this Monday) – 87% SUCCESS! I did great until June 28, when I had pizza and beer. I am not sure wheat-free is for me, although it’s definitely working for the Bean.
  4. Finish the front landscaping – FAIL! I will never finish, NEVER!
  5. Finalize all DC/NYC travel plans – SUCCESS! Kind of. NYC is off the table now. 🙁
  6. Buy a bigger tent for our road trip/camping adventure! – SUCCESS! Tent was acquired in advance of the camping trip.
  7. Have my 2013 workout hours pass my total 2012 workout hours! (That’s right, in the first 6 months of 2013, I will have worked out more than the entirety of last year; I should pass 2011 sometime in late July, and maybe even exceed 2010. Passing 2009 will require some serious work[ing out], but it is doable.) – SUCCESS! On June 30, I surpassed my 2012 workout hours by 24 minutes. Next up – 2011 workout hours (only 32.5 to go! I will get that done sometime in the next month).
  8. Slowly, oh so slowly, start running again. – SUCCESS! I started with once weekly runs in June, and am ready to move up to 2-3 times/month now.
  9. Lose the all or nothing attitude. – EHHHH…This is so much a part of who I am that it’s difficult.
  10. NOT sign up for any races (I have a problem) – SUCCESS! It was touch & go for a while, but I made it all the way through without signing up for anything! Go me!

July 2013 Goals

  1. Ride my bike to work four times.
  2. Beat my June swim totals (which was a Gazelle World Record for most yards in a month) of 11,200 (only 9400 to go!)
  3. Walk with the Bean every Monday – Thursday evening from July 8 – July 31. (1/15 done!)
  4. Have my highest mileage running month since July 2011 (i.e. the month I discovered I was with Bean) (only 19.75 miles to go!)
  5. Go camping.
  6. Cleanse in preparation for the yard sale in August
  7. Finish 3 more chapters in my A&P book
  8. Read 5 new books
  9. Write every day starting today
  10. Bring my lunch every day starting tomorrow


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