BAD BLOGGER! No Cookie! (Seriously, Gazelle…put down the cookie)

Hi! My job is very busy, which is really cutting into my blogging time. I’m hoping that things will slow down again in a couple of months and then I can get back to blogging at work.

So – how are you? Good? Glad to hear it.

And, more importantly – how am I?

I am so glad you asked! (This is totally going to be a TL;DR for everyone, right? I’ll add pictures.)

I am abandoning my family in just over a week to head off to DC for a work conference. I have never spent the night away from my baby Bean (and haven’t spent a night away from the architect since May of 2012).

Hopefully I will be able to keep my brain from being sad by cramming it with loads of work information.


In the health & fitness front, things are…ehhh. I keep quitting running, and then making marathon training plans three days later. I think I need to lose about 10 more pounds before I can run long distances again, and running makes me hungry. However, in 10 pounds, I will be back to my pre-baby weight (after being 15 lbs away since this time last year, I finally lost 5 lbs in the last 3 weeks – yay!). 2013-07-18 19.47.03

I’ve been exercising a little bit consistently instead of long sessions sporadically, and I think that’s making a huge difference. I wish that difference had been made before I had to go buy clothes in a larger size for my trip, but oh wells.

I have been having regular hip/knee/lower back pain since before the Bean was born, and it hasn’t gone away. I know some of it is core weakness, some of it is other muscle weakness, but have now decided – thanks to the assistance of Dr. Google – that I probably have a broken tailbone due to Alvie and that’s why bike riding makes me want to hurl my bike into the river and never ride again. I have tried different saddles, different configurations, and both riding regularly and not riding at all. I rode to work on Wednesday and the way to work was OK. The ride home? Agony by the time I arrived. And sitting down has not been merely uncomfortable in a “I lost my seat” way, but painful in a “I slipped on the ice & broke my ass” way. So that’s not right, is it? I don’t remember ever having this much pain on pre-baby rides.

AND – now that I’ve talked about my ass for an entire paragraph, let’s move on!

Stylish baby enjoys a taco
Stylish baby enjoys a taco

What else is new with me? Not a whole lot. I work, I’ve been staying up too late reading, so I’ve not been getting up to work out in the morning, I play with my Bean in the evenings, and that’s about it. I feel that I’m lazing away my time, and need that to stop. No more reading! Why can’t I just put my book down at 10?

Alvie is great, of course. Although he is in a biting phase. He only bites me. Apparently I am delicious. Between him & the mosquitoes, I’m pretty much tired of being the local buffet.

Putting on the shoes
Putting on the shoes

The architect, is also good. We have decided to enter a frugal living phase so we can save money for three house projects and one 10th anniversary trip (2016, we’re planning ahead) project. Now all our fun must be cheap and local (and legal!). We were great w/ budgeting when he was unemployed (of course), but now that he’s fully employed and I’ve been promoted & raised twice, we are less careful with the fundage. The Bean does add to the overall expenses, but not as much as going out to eat 3x/week and letting the groceries spoil in the fridge because I’m too lazy too cook.

Dashing architect enjoys a drink on baby-free date night.
Dashing architect enjoys a drink on baby-free date night.


There you have it. A complete update of my life. More or less. I have thoughts on fitness and running and mental health that have been swirling through my brain, and hopefully I’ll get those thoughts out on paper before the year is out.

In the meantime, I’ll do my best to come back with Shoesday! and Three Things Thursday! WTF Wednesdays! And Letters to Bean and monthly goals (on time).

I miss you guys!