October 2012 Goals

I am not going to lie, internets. September sucked. You may have guessed that based on my avoidy-ness. Generally, even when I’m avoiding real-life friends, I still show up to pretend to the interwebs that I’m not avoidy. Not this month.

I honestly don’t remember having a month like that in, well, ever.

I don’t know what it was. Was it the fact that I got a cold from hell and was miserable for about 2 weeks? Was it Alvie’s cold? His growth spurt? His reluctance to sleep through the night for just enough nights to send me over the edge? Was it the fact that I am really, really struggling with anxiety & depression? That it’s been six months since my dad’s death and I am apparently not coping as well as I thought I was? Is it the fact that the days are getting noticeably shorter? Is it all of those things wrapped up into one thing? Probably.

Anyway – I know I do better when I am busy and when I have goals. However, when all I want to do is lounge indolently and ignore everything, I do not achieve said goals. Let’s see how I did.

September 2012 Goals

  1. Read 12 books (to get on track for my goal of 100 new books in 2012) – FAIL! I honestly can’t believe I had a fail in this category. However, I did have to cut myself off from buying books, because I am spending all my money on books lately. In fact, I only bought ONE book this month (go me!). And I only read 4. I have 44 new books to read in the next three months to reach my goal. This is the only thing I miss about public transportation.
  2. Hair cut – SUCCESS!
  3. September Cake! – SUCCESS! Cake series to start Friday.
  4. Bonfire + s’mores – SUCCESS!
  5. Make my own Happiness Project plan to start on 10/1/12. – SUCCESS! Update tomorrow
  6. Check ten items off my last 1/3 of 2012 to-do list. My plan: 70% SUCCESS! Well – I didn’t actually can red salsa, marinara or beet pickles, but only because I didn’t have enough ingredients, so I am doing other things with my tomatoes & beets. It was a deliberate removal of goals, not a failure to reach said goals.
    1. Salsa! (green)
    2. Salsa! (red)
    3. Hem shower curtain
    4. Item binder
    5. Finish changing table cover
    6. Rain garden started
    7. Can dill pickles
    8. Can marinara
    9. Can beet pickles
    10. Send out the baby announcements already. Seriously. You’ve had them since JUNE, they are in envelopes, they just need to be stamped and addressed for the love of all things holy.

September 2012 Training Goals

  1. Finish triathlon – ummm…yeah. About that. Not so much. DNF.
  2. 10,000 steps/day – ehhhI averaged about 6,000 steps/day. Not bad, really.
  3. 30 + minutes of movement/day (includes my 10K steps) – other than my sick days, I didn’t do too badly at this. I hit 23/30 days with 30+ minutes!
  4. Core and/or weights 2x/week – FAIL! not once.
  5. Start half marathon training (9/24) – FAIL! I did not start. Which means I only have 11 weeks to train for my half marathon! I can do it, though.


October 2012 Goals

  1. Rain Garden
  2. Update herb garden
  3. READ like crazy
  4. Aggressive HappinessTM – details tomorrow

October 2012 Training Goals

  1. Half Marathon Training – hit all long runs
  2. Move every day
  3. Have fun



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