Aggressive Happiness(TM) – the Overview

I have been having a wickedly stressful year. Even the bright spot – Alvie Bean – is not without his own stress-making.

Things that I thought were long ago laid to rest have come up again. And lo! I find myself being NOT HAPPY.

So – a little over a month ago, I read and I decided that I needed a Happiness Project of my very own. But, as I am decidedly NOT happy right now, I need to be more…well…aggressive with my happiness.

So – I spent the last month building my own happiness project, and I hope that on October 1 of 2013, I can sit here and say, “Interwebs! I am pretty darn happy.” Because that is my preferred state of being. I am cheery! And realistically optimistic! And not prone to long bouts of depression and self-doubts and recriminations and paralyzing fear and anxiety.

And so – My Aggressive HappinessTM project.

Q1 – Relationship with Self

October – Feel Good: Emotional/Mental Health

November – Feel and Look Good: Physical Health

December – Look Good: Appearance

Q2 – Relationships with Others

January – Mama-skills

February – Wife-skills

March – Friend-skills

Q3 – Relationship with Money

April – Career Improvement

May – Budget Improvement

June – Home Improvement

Q4 – Bringing it Together

July – Learn Something New

August – Do Something Brave

September – Be Happy

So, because I can’t do anything without rules, I have rules.

Amy’s Aggressive HappinessTM Rules

  1. Be Amy
  2. Relax
  3. OTC = AOK (seriously- take an Advil)
  4. A little is better than none
  5. Sleep more
  6. Read daily
  7. Spend less
  8. Kiss the architect & Alvie Bean every day
  9. Lay off the internet already
  10. Move every day
  11. Let yourself off the hook
  12. Only say yes if you really want to
  13. Be comfortable!
  14. Assume positive intent

And – just to finish – things that make me happy for days I need a pick-up.

  1. Trashy paranormal romances
  2. Early morning coffee
  3. A clean house
  4. Lush garden
  5. Feeding people
  6. Watching the Bean giggle
  7. Trail running
  8. Swimming
  9. Camping
  10. Watching the sun rise

Stay tuned (ha! Like you’re still reading) later today for October Aggressive HappinessTM details.


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