Aggressive Happiness (TM) October – Feel Good: Emotional/Mental Health

Did you miss me? Are you confused? No posts for over a week, and then all of a sudden 3 in less than 24 hours? I am CRAZY! (Actually, yes I am, but am under the care of a licensed professional.) (Ha.)

Anyways – here we are, October 2! You are now, presumably, very familiar with my project, having read through today’s earlier post about my year-long Aggressive HappinessTM project several times in the last six hours.

So – what does Emotional & Mental Health month entail?

Well, I’ll tell you.

There are six things I am going to work on this month to help me on the way to emotional & mental well being. And, because I am very sticker oriented, I have created a sticker chart! (And purchased gold stars! I made a mistake when ordering, though, and mis-read the item. I thought I was ordering a packet of 440 gold stars. Instead, I ordered a box with six packets of 440 gold stars. I have over 2,600 gold stars. I hope they last all year!)

  1. Meditate/Quiet time daily
  2. No Negative Self Talk
  3. Take the meds!
  4. Daily gratitude journal
  5. Weekly yoga sessions; out of the house, official yoga.
  6. In bed every night by 9 pm. No exceptions. Except girls’ night.

I will do weekly updates and try to remember to post my daily gratitude item at the bottom of every post.

Attitude of Gratitude!

October 2 – I am grateful that I have so many wonderfully supportive friends

October 1 – I am grateful that I am able to make the 1 mile round-trip walk to and from my car every day.

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