What I Ate Wednesday – with 100% less croissants!

I am not so much a healthy holiday snack person. I like to indulge. Which may be part of my problem! However, I’m also not a candy & sweet person most of the time – although I do have my moments! The more I run, however, the less I crave sweets. Not sure why that is, but there you go.

So – I love Halloween. And parties. And throwing Halloween parties! And I usually try to have a mix of healthy & not healthy food on my spooktacular snackalicious table of delight.

See – mix of healthful and non-healthful foods. There are fruits! And salsa! And guacamole! And surely moldy-looking cheeseballs are healthy, right?


ANYWAY – the fruit never gets eaten, but the bleeding heart brie stuffed inside the croissant dough sure went fast. What I do like to do is have healthy seasonal meals. I love fall. I love soups and root vegetables and roasts in crockpots. So – last night for dinner, we had roast Colin and a medley of root vegetables. But before we even get to dinner…

6 am – coffee in the BIG cup – with vanilla soy milk. Obviously, I did not remember to photograph that before drinking. And that is just how it has to be – nothing gets done before the giant cup o’ coffee.

9 am – breakfast! I had more coffee – a hazelnut latte! And while I was latte buying, I saw this delightful looking raspberry “muffin.” Muffin goes in quotes, because I’m pretty sure it was a cupcake. I didn’t so much remember to photograph that, either. I did have a large water!

1 pm – lunch. Lunch was healthful. Two small slices of homemade whole wheat bread, 1 oz cheese, turkey, two garden tomatoes, and 1/2 avocado. Also mustard. And a banana that (full disclosure) I didn’t actually eat because I was too full after my sandwich, and then I forgot. I did finish my diet coke. And my water.

Then – dinner!


I threw Colin in the slow cooker before going to work, and when I got home, my house smelled quite lovely. (Colin 1.0 is my 1/8 share of beef. Starting tonight, we will be moving on to Colin, Jr. All that’s left of Colin 1.0 at this point is some short ribs.) I grabbed a bunch of veggies and started peeling and chopping. In the meantime, I turned the oven on to 400*.

Into the big baking dish (of awesome – check it out!) went:

  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • 4 purple potatoes
  • 4 beets (strangely not red beets – it was very disappointing)
  • 6 carrots
  • 2 parsnips
  • 3 turnips
  • 1 onion

In addition, I added a few sprigs of rosemary and thyme. I drizzled 1/4 cup of olive oil over, tossed to coat, and roasted for 50 minutes.

I meant to put in an acorn squash, but decided to keep it, in case I needed a weapon. The purple potatoes, beets, carrots, garlic, rosemary & thyme were all from my garden!

It was pretty good, although the architect did not so much enjoy the white veggies (and my camera phone did not fully capture how awesome those purple potatoes looked in there). I sprinkled with salt and a little of the drippings from the roast, and lo! it was delicious. I loaded up on mostly veggies and a little meat (just about 3 oz – a serving), and a glass of wine. (You can see the very bottom of the wine glass in the photo. It was great.

Less impressed, however, was Alvie Bean.

Mr. Bean has not been enjoying the carrots. This is the third night in a row of carrots, and the first time he’s eaten most of them. He is pretty skeptical, though, and tries to hold out for something better. He loooooved sweet potatoes, and once I tossed the jarred, store-bought peas for home steamed & smashed peas, loved those, too. Carrots, though? Not so much.

I am trying to guilt him into liking them. I grew these carrots, and dug them up, and steamed them, and pureed them, and mixed them with breast milk that I made with my own body, what is wrong with you son? but he’s still resistant. He has one more night of carrots tonight, and then we’re moving on to bananas! Oooooh – fruit!

I am noticing that there needs to be more balance in my diet. More fruit early (any fruit at all) and less morning carbs and caffeine. I used to be a one coffee/day girl, but lately that’s flown out the window. However, If I’m going for more than one coffee, maybe ginormous sugary lattes are not the way to go. Lattes are a sometimes treat!


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