July 2012 Goals

I feel like June was a pretty good month, but I have to confess I haven’t even looked at my goals since early in the month. Fingers crossed!

June 2012 Goals

  1. Get Alvie enrolled in daycare (and feel good about our choice) – SUCCESS! Alvie will be with a nanny share 4 days/week starting tomorrow.
  2. Get all shelves hung in the baby’s room – SUCCESS! The shelves are up, which freed up a ton of space and enabled me to get my bookshelves done.
  3. Play piano (now that I can reach the keyboard again) 30 min/day (on average) – FAIL! The firsthalf of the month, the piano was inaccessible (due to continuing ceiling work) and once it was accessible, it turned out that Alvie hates the piano music. I’m not sure if it’s because I suck or it’s too loud or that it’s horribly out of tune, but every time I played, he’d start crying.
  4. Get one landscaping project done (I have 4 big ones: (a) replace the north-side hedge with native trees, shrubs, flowers, and ground-cover – easily the most ambitious project; (b) rain garden; (c) remove south side bamboo and grass and put in berry bushes, native wildflowers, and herb garden; and (d) remove front bamboo, clean up front perennial beds, and put in the river rock paths.). I am thinking that I will take on project C first. – half SUCCESS! We started on project D. The front bamboo is gone and the perennial beds are half cleaned up. The paths need to be outlined and put in, but I might wait until the rain garden is done before doing paths, just to make that project easier.
  5. Nom on delicious baby cheeks as much as possible for the next month when I have him to myself all day, every day! – SUCCESS! I have nommed on those cheeks, and thighs, and arms and toes a LOT in the last month.


June 2012 Training Goals

  1. Complete weeks 1-4 of C25K – 83% SUCCESS! I have been through Week 4, Day 1 of the program.
  2. P90X – as much as possible – SUCCESS! I have been P90X-ing a LOT-ish. I completed 13 workouts in 3 weeks (instead of the 18 that I should’ve), but feel okay with that.
  3. Get back on the bike! – Success?? I rode my bike once. Yeah – not so impressive.
  4. Workout 20 hours – 96% SUCCESS! I worked out for 19 hours & 9 minutes. My most impressive showing since July of last year.
  5. Continue to be slow and sensible – take rest days when needed (do not push self to injury! that would suck!) – SUCCESS! I took rest days when they were needed, even if I didn’t particularly want to.


And now – looking forward

July 2012 Goals

  1. Get back into the swing of things & develop a new routine for Alvie, the architect & me that works well so that we’re all getting our needs met.
  2. Get the back bamboo area cleaned out and replanted with something nice.
  3. JAM! I am out of jam. It is a sadness.
  4. Get 100% caught up at work.
  5. Pay hospital bills (first I must actually figure out what I owe, since giving a total is apparently against hospital policy).


July 2012 Training Goals

  1. Run 3 continuous miles
  2. Weekly swim
  3. Weekly bike
  4. P90X – continue. Core, plyos & the weight routines are the most important
  5. Figure out how to get it all in, along with working and mothering! (This will be the biggest challenge)


Happy July!

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