Back to Work Monday
Back to Work Monday

Back to Work Monday

Today is the beginning of my regular schedule for work. I left home at just after 6 am this morning (which is going to be my regular plan). The architect was to drop Alvie Bean off with the nanny at 8ish this morning, and as I haven’t heard otherwise, I’m assuming that happened.

We spent the weekend doing yard work, and running, and snuggling. Sunday night came much too soon – for the first time in a long time.

Being back at work is challenging. Pumping is challenging. Not knowing exactly what the little dude is doing at every moment is challenging. Finding out that I miscalculated and will have 20 unpaid hours for my last pay period (Friday’s paycheck) is challenging.



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  1. It’s really hard to leave them at all, especially the first day back. Kelley couldn’t do it at all, I had to take our first to day care every day because she couldn’t physically walk away from her there. She cried every morning, which was an appropriate response.

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