May 2012 Goals

Hi! I am in South Dakota with Alvie Bean visiting Grandma and his auntie. Last Monday was  my dad’s memorial service. The architect went home on Tuesday, but Alvie and I are here until next Tuesday. I know I’m a bit late with the May goals, but this is the first time I’ve sat at a computer in a week! I didn’t even bring my own computer – I don’t remember the last time I traveled sans laptop. It’s enough to make one a little twitchy.

April 2012 Goals

  1. Have a baby – SUCCESS! I had a baby! And he is cute.
  2. Keep baby alive for entire month – SUCCESS!  Alvie Bean is still very much alive.
  3. Don’t check work email for 4 weeks post birth – SUCCESS! I have not yet checked my work email, and won’t until next Wednesday, i.e. more than one month after Alvie’s birthday
  4. Drink a Sapphire martini, dry, with olives – FAIL! I have not yet had a martini. It took awhile post birth for me to even have a beer, what with the blood loss and light headedness and other weirdness. I did, however, have a wonderful gin & tonic. The martini will happen this month, though.
  5. Send out thank you notes to all who need thank you notes. – 70% SUCCESS! I got most of the thank yous out pre-birth. Most of the remaining notes that need to be sent are for gifts that arrived post-baby. I’ll get those done when I get back home next week.

April 2012 Training Goals

  1. Ease back in slowly & sensibly. – SUCCESS! I guess…I’m not doing much yet, but that is slow – and, I think it’s sensible, considering I had surgery 3.5 weeks ago.
  2. Start walking a few days after Alvie is born – just a couple of blocks at a time – SUCCESS! I am not making it much further than that – but I am getting out there as much as I can.
  3. Do not get caught up in training plans or goals – SUCCESS! I haven’t much thought of goals or plans past going for short walks and contemplating my first swim – any time after May 20 – Ambitious One – let’s make a date!
  4. Make time for myself to move and feel good, even when the baby is all brand new – SUCCESS! Kind of…I’m doing my best, but I still am not recovered fully from my surgery, so feeling good is relative.
  5. Take it slow and listen to my body – SUCCESS! I have not really overdone it more than necessary (necessary overdoing involves flying with an infant 3 weeks after a c-section).

Overall – a successful April. I know that my April goals weren’t too ambitious, but they were just what I needed.

Now – onwards & upwards…

May 2012 Goals

  1. Work 36 hours on work stuff, but no more
  2. Finish up thank you cards
  3. Get the baby book up-to-date
  4. Get the garden in
  5. Determine book storage solution – between my current books and the books my mom is bringing out in August, I am seriously deficient in storage space, and am currently storing them double-stacked and under my bed. I need to do something different.

May 2012 Training Goals

  1. First swim post baby!
  2. Return to yoga (again, any time after 5/20)
  3. Start C25K on 5/31
  4. Make half marathon training plan (11/3 is the trail half marathon I’m planning on)
  5. Continue to be slow and sensible – absolutely do NOT over-extend. (That means that I don’t need to swim a mile in my first post-baby swim, even if I was swimming a mile at almost 40 weeks pregnant…SLOW!)


And, because I’m not sure I’m capable of doing a post without a baby picture, here’s your dose of Alvie:


May the Fourth be with you!


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