Fat Baby Friday

Today was Alvie’s 2 week doctor appointment. He weighed 9.8 lbs – which is 1.8 lbs over birth weight, and 2 lbs more than he weighed two weeks ago. He is an eating champ! And it turns out that these boobs are not just for show! Go us!

Check out my chubby baby – he’s got the cutest little fat rolls on his arms and legs.

Tomorrow morning, we are headed out for our first big trip. I hate flying with a fiery passion, and knowing that I have to do it while also toting an infant makes me nervous. At least the architect will be with us tomorrow – flying back we’ll be on our own. I really need to perfect my Moby Wrapping by then.

I definitely need to pack, too – which should be interesting. I hope I don’t forget something important. Like the baby – or the car seat. Or my cell phone charger. 🙂


Also – how did everyone in Mystic Falls suddenly learn the Charleston? Do most teenagers just know that dance? Did I go to a bad school? And how come Damon didn’t take off his shirt even once last night? I totes have a Vampire Diaries addiction…probably partially because of this:

I usually go for the blond vamps, but I make an exception for Damon.

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