Three (3!) Things Thursday
Three (3!) Things Thursday

Three (3!) Things Thursday

I’m pretty sure it’s Thursday, anyways.

So – I know there’s not been a lot of bloggy activity lately. And I totally blame the baby. He takes up a lot of my time, what with his near-constant napping. I have to keep an eye on him. Because he is just so damn good looking. (which is good, considering that he decided that 3 am – 6 am was happy wakey time this morning…cute is totally a defense mechanism.)

1. Last weekend was gorgeous! Sunshiney and warm! The architect and I took the baby for a walk and ended up at McMenamin’s, sitting outside, soaking up the rays, and having a beer. And lo! it was good.

2. Saturday, the architect, Alvie & I get on a plane to fly back to South Dakota. My dad’s Celebration of Life service is Monday 4/30. The architect has to go home on 5/1 so that he can architect, but I am staying another week. I’m glad that I can do that, but it will be weird to be sans architect for an entire week. That will be the longest we’ve spent apart since we were married, and maybe even since we met…we were apart 5 days in August (last time I went to South D), and that was hard. And now that we’ve procreated together, it’s going to be really strange. At least he’ll get to catch up on sleep!

3. I have developed a terrible habit of checking my FB & email while breastfeeding, and then not responding to emails or FB messages, because it’s too hard to type one handed while also feeding the ravenous beast that is my son. Then – I totally forget about said messages, until several days later, and then it just seems weird/awkward to reply. Sorry everyone! But look! At least my baby is cute:


3.5 (Apparently not blogging regularly for a while leaves me with lots to say): I have been trying to get out for a walk every other day. Yesterday I walked an entire mile in 36:38 (this included grocery shopping, btw – I think if I hadn’t had to wait in a checkout line, it would’ve been even faster). I do, however, feel loose. My hips & ankles feel floppy. I don’t like it, and am trying to take it slow so as not to mess up my body even more than it’s already been messed. I am REALLY looking forward to feeling like myself again, though. Most of the edema is gone, but I’m still really puffy/swollen at the incision site. I am much smaller now that I was even two weeks ago, though, and am feeling confident that by the time I get the all clear to run (5/31, bitches!), I will be of a normal size, although not pre-baby weight or anything. I don’t dream that big. I did, however, pick this year’s A race. The Silver Falls Half marathon on 11/3. I am hoping that I get in. It’s a trail half, which I’ve never done before, so I won’t even have to worry about time – automatic PR! I cannot wait to lace up my trail shoes again!


  1. It’s nice when they sleep 20 hours a day. gives you plenty of time to stare at the campfire and relax. Soon enough (about 6 weeks old?) they will be down to only 14 hours a day and you’ll have to start doing other stuff with them like playing. seriously cuts down on your fb time.

    It took your body 9 months to get this fucked up and it will take it another 9 months to fully recover. Your ankles and other joints are actually loose, it’s a hormone that prepares the hips for childbirth. It will go away soon enough. And hey, there’s nothing sexier than a c-section scar right? Both of ours were c-section births. And now you’ll see the scar on strippers and porn stars too, where you might not have noticed before. Fun times.

    I hope you have a safe trip to South Dakota. Missing your dad is not going to be fun I know. But enjoy the time with your mom and other family as much as you can.

  2. woo hoo for post-delivery beer!! I bet that tasted fantastic.
    I’ve always wanted to do a trail race but the timing never works out. It may seem counter-intuitive, but I think I actually run trails better than roads. Softer on my feet, maybe? I’m not FASTER, but I think I have better endurance and a speedier recovery.
    Anyway, good luck with everything in the coming weeks, I remember being elated and blissfully happy those first months, but also tired as fuck. It’s kind of a blur now. =)

  3. Steph

    Be sure to bf during take off and landing and wear Alvie in the moby in the airport! Safe travels. I would also take extra diapers on the plane than you think you are going to need.

  4. So glad your being careful. One blogger I’ve been following went right back into running a week or two post baby (vaginal delivery) and even PR’d in a half about 12 weeks post. And now she’s injured. Duh! Saw that coming a mile away.

    So excited for your trail half. I think your being so smart about that timing.

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