The Twelve Days of Gazelle-mas: Day 11 (workout stats for 2011)

Last day of vacation! So sad! I already miss day 1. 🙁 Sorry this is a bit late – I apparently forgot to hit “schedule” before going on vacation!  BOO!

Overall, I am not terribly displeased with my 2011 stats. The first half of the year I was working on recovering from foot surgery, the second half of the year I was pregnant. I probably could’ve done better, but in the interest of sanity and not being too hard on myself (those are actually pretty huge things), I am letting go of what I “could have” or “should have” done, and just reporting what was.


Total miles: 250.62 – This is my lowest annual total since 2006 (i.e. the year I started running)
Biggest Month: July (67.35 miles)
Longest Run: 15.27 miles (7/31/11)

2010 mileage: 300.72
2009 mileage: 753
2008 mileage: 400.44


Total miles: 224.52
Biggest Month: July (61.15 miles)
Longest Bike: 30 miles (7/22/11)

2010 mileage: 245.43
2009 mileage: 440.8


Total yard: 22,835 (12.97 miles. Also this number is higher than my 2009 total! Yay!)
Biggest Month: June (4,480 yds)
Longest Swim: 2000 yds (9/8/11)

2010 yardage: 60,130 (34.16 miles)
2009 yardage: 18,990 (10.79 miles)

Strength Training Sessions

Total number: 8 (i.e. pathetic!)
Biggest Month: November (3!)

2010 sessions: 16
2009 sessions: 28

I hate strength training, but that’s no excuse, really….this is an area in which I need to do better in 2012!

Yoga Sessions

Total number: 39 (i.e. best since I started tracking in 2008!)
Biggest Month: April & December, with 6 each

2010 sessions: 34
2009 sessions: 17
2008 sessions: 21

This can definitely be better, too. I’d like to average once/week (so 52 sessions/year, even when taking into account my post-partum recovery time).


Number of races: 3
5K: 32:45 (3/13/11 – Shamrock)
10K: 1:04:14 (4/17/11 – Bridge to Brews)
Sprint Tri: 1:51:12 (6/11/11 – Blue Lake)

The tri was a PW, but since it was only my 2nd sprint tri, there weren’t a lot of choices. Neither of the other two were personal worsts, but they certainly weren’t PRs, either….they were, however, fairly soon after I started my foot surgery recovery!

2010 races: 3 (including a 15K PR)
2009 races: 8 (including all but two of my PRs!)
2008 races: 5 (including a 4 mile PR)
2007 races: 4
2006 races: 2 (my first year of running!)

Total Hours

2011: 153.52 hours (average of 25.24/day) – I’ll take it, considering the circumstances
2010: 181.24 hours (average of 29.79/day)
2009: 290.43 hours (average of 47.74/day)


I am not sure what to expect for 2012. I am hoping that I can exceed my 2011 stats in all categories, but am not sure how realistic that will be, considering that I will not be running at all for most of the first half of the year (I’ve had to finally say no more running, as it is just ridiculously painful – hardest thing I’ve done in ages).


On the the eleventh day of gazellemas, Amy gave to me:

Eleven hours remaining

Ten friends celebrating

Nine goals a-making

Eight hours a-sleeping

Seven miles a-cycling

Six yogis posing


four pancakes,

three lazy cats,

two empty boxes, and

A Pooh Bear outfit, adorable and twee!

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