The Twelve Days of Gazelle-mas: Day 12 (Back to reality)

Oh, people. I am at work! The 12th day of gazellemas sucks.

There were only 98 new emails, though! That was good.

I had a fantastic New Year’s weekend. I was at the coast with the architect & 8 other good friends. There was so much good food! And lots of wine & booze & beer….and San Pellegrino Aranciata, and Italian Soda (or “pregnant juice” as at least one person called it).

We had a great house right on the beach next to Haystack Rock. The weather was beautiful on New Year’s Day, and then we got a taste of the stormy weather yesterday as we were leaving.  The Cannon Beach vacation guide said that the whales would be migrating by from 12/26 – 1/1, but I didn’t see any. SAD!

I have tons of pics, but haven’t yet downloaded them from the camera, so you’re stuck with this fabulous pic from the Ambitious One on our New Year’s Day walk (it was supposed to be a run, but it turns out I can no longer do that without wanting to cry. Of course, not running also makes me want to cry, which sucks.) ANYWAYS – I walked a couple of miles (and ran for about 2 minutes) on New Year’s Day to keep up my tradition of doing a run every year on New Year’s Day (or 1/2) since 2007. Any my friends, being the awesomesauce people that they are, walked that 2 miles with me before doing a run of their own.

Good times. Good people. And a great sign for a fantastic new year. 2012 is going to be awesome, isn’t it?


On the the twelfth day of gazellemas, Amy gave to me:

Twelve days of blogging

Eleven hours remaining

Ten friends celebrating

Nine goals a-making

Eight hours a-sleeping

Seven miles a-cycling

Six yogis posing


four pancakes,

three lazy cats,

two empty boxes, and

A Pooh Bear outfit, adorable and twee!

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