The Twelve Days of Gazellemas: Day 10 (HAPPY NEW YEAR!)

Happy 2012, y’all! This morning, I am at the beach with the architect & 8 other friends. I am (probably) feeling all smug because I am not hungover. (This is likely opposed to last night when I was sad because I was drinking sparkling grapefruit soda and pretending I was fancy.)

It is a new year, and time for new goals. I have a lot of things I want to do this year – and a lot of things that I think will happen pretty definitely. There are going to be a lot of big changes in my life – namely giving birth and then having a small child to take care of FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! or something.

Anyways – keeping with my annual goal setting theme of recent years – I present you with TWELVE goals in 2012! (This may get awkward in about 15 years…)

1. Finish grad school (“A” goal: win the Capstone award)

2. Have baby (“A” goal: give birth naturally)

3. End 2012 weighing less than I do right now (“A” goal: End 2012 weighing the same as I did the end of 2009; there will be no scale looking until July 2012, and then twice monthly weigh-ins after that)

4. Learn to do a flip turn (Ambitious One – I’ll need your help on this one!)

5. At least one triathlon (I’m thinking Blue Lake, end of July)

6. Half Marathon by the end of the year.

7. Maintain debt-free, no credit card lifestyle, even with new, expensive household member.

8. Complete sub-step #1 in secret goal (this is finance related)

9. Complete sub-step #2 in secret goal (this is marketing related)

10. Weekly date nights with the architect (with possible hiatus in April & May)

11. Sirasana with no wall assist

12. Continue habit of nightly work (school now) after school ends to start writing again (with possible hiatus in April & May)


On the tenth day of gazellemas, Amy gave to me:

Ten friends celebrating

Nine goals a-making

Eight hours a-sleeping

Seven miles a-cycling

Six yogis posing


four pancakes,

three lazy cats,

two empty boxes, and

A Pooh Bear outfit, adorable and twee!

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