So tired I didn’t even notice there was no post title for almost 5 hours….

Every 2-3 weeks, I get a few nights of weird insomnia. Last time, I was waking up in the middle of the night & being awake for 4-5 hours. This weekend, it was inability to fall asleep. Saturday night, I was up until nearly 6 am, then awake for a half hour from 8-3:30, and then asleep until just after 10.  That did not so much make for a productive Sunday. I pushed myself to stay up all day Sunday, doing important things like “watching Netflix” and “reading” (and making dinner), but not getting anything I’d actually planned to do done. Then, last night, I went to bed at about 9, convinced that I was tired enough that I’d fall asleep instantly. Not so much. However, I did fall asleep right around midnight, so it wasn’t terrible. However, today is not so much an “awake” kind of day.

Friday & Saturday were pretty good days.

Friday morning, I met up with Emily for a Hatha 2 class. I felt pretty awesome about myself after finishing the class, since I haven’t been doing as much yoga the last 4 months or so. Until the teacher said he’d kept it at more of a 1.35 level.

After class, Emily & I continued our day of fun with a 3.5 mile hike in Forest Park – over 600 feet of elevation gain! Go us!

After finishing the hike, I headed out to meet another friend for Mexican lunch! YUM!

Check out these ginormous burritos:


Even as a ravening pregnant beast, I could barely get through half…it sure was delicious later, though!


Friday afternoon was spent working, then relaxing with the architect.

Saturday, I was pleasantly sore from Friday’s exercise. I got up, made pancakes (still obsessed – best meal ever!), did a little work, and then headed over to my friend Lisa’s so she could help me put my marathon shadowbox together. Yes, my marathon was, in fact, over two years ago. BUT – I am not this kind of crafty, and definitely needed help. I think it turned out pretty good!  (Also, she & her husband gave me water and hot chocolate, and cheese and cookies! They are awesome.)



Now I just need to find a place to hang it so everyone who comes over knows how awesome I am.

Saturday night, the architect & I went to Laurelwood Brewing for our annual Vinter Varmer beer drinking! Vinter Varmer is my all-time favorite winter seasonal beer. I first had it with my friend Kim in 2006, and she & I did Vinter Varmer days until she left Portland. Now, I go with the architect, take a picture of the beer, and taunt her with the pic of delicious beer text her the photo as a sign of friendship.

IMAG0682 The architect’s beer. Not as taunty this year, unfortunately.

Saturday night was the aforementioned not sleeping, and I honestly did not accomplish anything Sunday. Nada. Zip. I mean, I did make dinner, but it really didn’t turn out well (which is odd, for me – I am usually more than proficient in the kitchen).

I am still tired today, and am having trouble being productive at work. I have meetings from 1-4 this afternoon, and then am packing it up and heading home.

Tonight’s strategy for sleep: Get on the bike trainer for 45 minutes when I get home. Do upper arms weights for 15 minutes. Make dinner. Eat. Homework until 9:00.  Warm Shower. Bed with “Men in Tights” on our new bedroom TV (it’s one of my “fall asleep movies”).  I was thinking of trying herbal tea with bedtime, but (a) I hate tea and (b) Beverages and bedtime do not equal a nice long sleep.

(Pregnancy-safe) Suggestions for getting to sleep at night? I am definitely open to trying new things, here.

Happy week!

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