December 2011 Goals

As always, we start with the recap.

November 2011 Goals

  1. Survive the first 4.5 weeks of my terminal project without going crazy. – SUCCESS! I totally feel not crazy yet! Although definitely getting there. I might be crazy after today, but I made it to December! WOO!
  2. Make lefse! With her! We will have so much fun. – SUCCESS! More or less. We did hang out. And we talked about lefse. And we both made lefse. Just not together.
  3. For reals, get the garlic in the ground & build the cloche – FAIL! So many things; the garden has really taken a back seat. Boo!  It’s supposed to be nice this weekend, so I will plant my garlic then (I have garlic! It just needs to be in the ground, now.)
  4. Visit the daycare that looked awesome on paper (or, the computer screen, rather) and beg them to take my as-yet-unborn child – SUCCESS! We visited the daycare. It was just as awesome in real life as on the internets. We are on the waiting list for September 2012 (i.e. 2.5 months AFTER we need care, but whatevs….next steps – find bridge care for Alvie Bean.)
  5. List one thing I am thankful for every day (thanks for the inspiration, Alisa!) – SUCCESS! If you look at yesterday’s post, you’ll see my 30 days of thanks. I didn’t post every day, but I sure did have 30 things I was grateful for!


November 2011 Training Goals

Since I am pregnant, this is harder than usual, but my goal is to work out a minimum of 3 times/week; 30 minutes/time. I had a decent start last night with a trainer ride, although I wasn’t able to hit 30 minutes due to the extreme discomfort of my bike shorts which apparently are not baby bump accommodating. (Why do I never spell accommodating right on the first try? WHY?!?) Any suggestions for bike short comfort? I really don’t want to shell out bike short money for something that I’ll wear for a maximum of 5ish months (I’m pretty sure that biking will not be the first exercise I’ll get back to after giving birth…just a feeling I have). (Also, 5 months? Seriously? That’s it?  ACK!)

I already have a swim date for Wednesday evening, and yoga plans for Friday afternoon, and will try to run on Thursday and/or Sunday…I am hoping to convince the architect to start doing weekly long walks with me on a weekend day. I’m pretty sure I’ll be mostly walking my half marathon, and want to start getting some serious distance on my feet.

Well – semi success. I definitely exercised more in November than I have since July (i.e. before I was/knew I was pregnant). I didn’t hit my non-written goal of 15 hours of exercise for November, but I did hit my written (above) goal of  an average of 3 times/week, 30 minutes/session.  In fact, I hit just over 10 hours of exercise, which ends up being an average of ~21 minutes per day!



December 2011 Goals

  1. Finish the first half of my capstone STRONG!
  2. Find a daycare for Alvie Bean starting in July!
  3. Enjoy the holidays with a minimum of stress and a maximum of fun! (So many exciting things coming up!)
  4. Purchase and install shelves/storage for Alvie Bean’s room.
  5. Clean out the office and make it more office-y, and less “place where junk goes to die”


December 2011 Training Goals

  1. Fifteen hours of exercise-related activity.
  2. A minimum of five yoga classes
  3. Finish my December race. That’s all I want. A finish time.
  4. Fifty miles on the bike (again, minimum)
  5. Convince Alvie Bean that we really do like swimming. (I actually can’t tell if he hates it, or likes it so much that he tries to swim along…either way, it is not the awesome pregnancy workout that I would prefer)


Happy 12th month, y’all! Can you believe it? DECEMBER! Where did 2011 go?

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