September 2011 Goals

But first, as always, the August recap…

August 2011 Goals

  1. Buy new sheets/comforter for the guest room (breaking it down into small tasks) – finally! SUCCESS! I did get a new bedding set (and new pillows) for the guest room. Since the guest room is currently home to all the stuff that is normally in our bathroom, though, I haven’t put them on the bed yet…..
  2. Make Cheddar – FAIL! I did, however, go to a cheese making class and learned what I may have done wrong in regards to said cheddar. I then bought 2 gallons of frozen raw milk so that I can use that to make cheddar.
  3. Buy the tile and new vanity for the bathroom – half SUCCESS! We bought the new vanity, and have picked out the tile. We will go get and install the tile this weekend.  The bathroom is going to be awesome!
  4. Find a plumber – SUCCESS! Thanks to recommendations from friends, we had a couple plumbers come over and picked one, and they came and moved stuff around last Monday. When we’ve put down the floors and put up the walls, we’ll call them to come back and hook up the toilet & the sink. I really miss having a functional bathroom upstairs.
  5. Continue to do PT exercises twice a week – half SUCCESS! I have done pretty good at remembering to do the simple ones that I can do without needing equipment. I’ve sucked at the others. 
  6. Have a great time in South Dakota – SUCCESS! I got to see my three bestiest besties from college, my parents, my sister, and a decent assortment of relatives!  Yay!

August Training Goals

  1. Weights/Yoga/Swim/Bike – 12x this month(not 16, just a little more than the last months) – I definitely stepped up the biking this month, and hit the pool a couple times, but overall, a big, fat, FAIL
  2. Run 90 miles  – FAIL! And we’ll just leave it at that…
  3. Lift weights at least once – SUCCESS! I did lift weights exactly once.
  4. 30 hours of exercise – FAIL! I didn’t get as many hours this month as last month
  5. Hit all planned long runs – until marathon training is over! – half SUCCESS! I started every planned long run. I did not always hit the planned mileage, but I started, which is better than not, right?

Overall, I feel like this was a decent month, goal wise. I didn’t do as well with the training goals as I would’ve hoped, but travel and related exhaustion really cut into those plans.  Considering how fast August flew by, I think I’m okay with all of this!

And now – looking forward. September is my favorite month. It’s harvest time. The air is cool and crisp. The leaves start to turn color, and there’s still enough daylight that I don’t want to hibernate yet. Apples and pears are starting to appear at the markets, and the  mornings are just perfect.

Sepetember Goals

  1. Can tomatoes…salsa, marinara, ketchup, whatever – just can it!
  2. PICKLES!  My cucumbers, once again, sucked, so I will be hitting up a farmer’s market and buying as many cukes as I can carry for dill pickles and bread & butter pickles. I’ve already done beet pickles & pickled asparagus this year.
  3. Finish the bathroom before my in-laws arrive! It would be awesome to have a second usable bathroom as well as a usable guest room by the time they get here.
  4. Fancy dinner party. It is on my life list, and I am excited to host a few friends for my first fancy dinner party. I have invitations to go out this weekend. I am finalizing the menu. I wish I could invite everyone I know, but unfortunately, I don’t have enough room for that many people!
  5. Mother-effing pirate festival. Every year, I say I’m going to go, and every year, I don’t. I can walk there! The only year I actually did go was 2007 – and it was the day after the architect had surgery. He insisted he wanted to go, so we drove. And parked about 1/2 mile away (and 1/2 mile away from our house). We got there, walked around a bit, and then he felt crappy, so I went and fetched the car & picked him up at the gate. Not the best time, really. The next year it rained. I don’t remember my excuse for 2009, but last year, I just flat out forgot. Not this time, bitches!  I am going to the pirate festival, and you can’t stop me! YARGHHHHHHHHHHH!  (Ummm, I just went to the site to get the link, and it’s MOVED! I can no longer walk there! WTF, Pirate Festival?! Is this because I never attend? WHYYYYY??????) (AND, it’s Labor Day weekend! When I will be laboring! I do not want to drive to St. Helens for my piratey goodness!) (Also, I really wish the interrobang was a symbol on my keyboard.)
  6. Since I just maybe deleted my goal #5, I decided I should probably add a real goal #5. Okay, then….this is harder than I thought. I was so set on the pirate festival. Oooh – I know!  I will fall-clean and organize my kitchen! I was thinking I was going to anyways, due to the how-to guide posted by Cat, but now I have to! (And I really, really need to…the house cleaner is good at making my house look clean, but she hasn’t looked in the fridge or taken the initiative to organize my pantry & cupboards…I have a LOT of kitchen gadgets, and should probably determine which are necessary and which can go.)
  7. Oh, wait! I just thought of another! I need to plan the next 12 months of the gardening enterprise and get some fall crops in the ground!

September Training Goals

Well, really, more of the same. Run. Bike. Swim. Yoga. BUT, this month, I really want to start focusing on strengthening my core and doing some stability exercises. If that means I need to get my stability ball out of the closet and start using it, so be it. I’ve really had it brought home in the last month how much strengthening my core needs – it’s the weakest part of my body, and unfortunately, it seems to be vital to my comfort and strength in every other aspect of my life.

So – keep up with the exercise & training, and also CORE!

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