Please read the title in a voice that suggests a brain-hungry zombie.

Okay, so last night, I got an email from a friend in which she referenced the website Outblush. I had never heard of this site, so thought I’d check it out.


So, I know that logically there are few places that I could wear these, and honestly, they don’t go with my costume at ALL for this year. BUT I needs them!  Is $80 too much to spend on a pair of shoes that I could never really wear? (Also, one year, I was a bloody bride for Halloween, and these would’ve been perfect.)

Oh, internet. I think I need to be talked down from purchasing these. Also, I may need to give my friend (Lisa) a stern talking to, even though these shoes probably weren’t there yesterday evening when she was on the site.

What do I do?????


  1. Jessica

    Um…just say no?…to bloody shoes?…even though technically, Halloween is right around the corner and they’d be a hit at a party….

    Don’t listen to me. Obviously, I’m an enabler.

  2. As an avid shoe-lover… (heck I’m pretty sure I would be a shoe zombie!) I say… BUY THEM! You NEVER know when you will need them. Who knows, maybe zombies will take over and you will have to blend in, or perhaps you will go to a goth club and need to blend in, or, halloween is coming– go as a bloody nurse or something! that would TOTALLY fit (see, not just for bloody brides!). No matter what, you can find more reasons TO buy it than not to buy it. If it’s in your budget ($80 is better than $100!) then go for it!

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