Toaster Chronicles: Continued

But – first up. Those shoes? Yeah – those. Just scroll down. I bought them. It turns out that when I weighed the pro votes and the con votes, the pro votes totally won. This may be because I deleted all the con votes because my friends in the internet have my back, but I am so excited about my new shoes that I think I need to replan this year’s Halloween costume so that I can wear them!

And now for the main announcement. Today I won my Toastmaster club’s Humorous Speech contest & will go on to compete at the Area level at the end of the month. My speech is about being really scared of drowning. Funny, right? One of the judges told me he thought I had an excellent chance of winning at the Area level, too. I am such a great Toaster!

I will try to get back to a regular blogging schedule with real shoes and book reports and other fun stuff soon.  Our bathroom remodel is eating my soul, even though my role in the remodel is mostly just making sandwiches and finding tools. I am like the Tool girl on Home Improvement:

but with a tank top - it was HOT this weekend.


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