Weekend in Review

These two-day weekends are still taking a bit of getting used to! I was sooooo tired last week. I haven’t been sleeping well (hyposomnia!) (yay book club!), and have been working a few ridiculously long days.  So, Friday date night was supposed to be Harry Potter (totes just typed Happy Potter, which would be his less well-known and irritatingly optimistic cousin) at the beer & pizza theater down the street from my house, but by the time the architect picked me up from work, I was all “need sleepy! no movies!”

So, we went and grabbed a quick bite o’ food and went home to veg on the couch (and watch Harry Potter [typed Harpy this time; what is wrong w/ me?] #7A in preparation). I barely even dozed off during the movie! Go me!

Saturday morning, I met Sarah for our long run. On the schedule we had 10 miles, we’d decided to do 12 miles, and had picked out a figure 8 loop in Lake Oswego. We’d never run there before, so thought we’d mix things up a bit.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for the run. Overcast, cool, and occasional mist to keep us cool. The route? Beautiful. The bad? HILLS! I think the entire first loop was uphill. Seriously. Also, we got lost. Which we should’ve expected. That pretty much happens every time we try a new route. Glad I had my phone, though! After a while, when we hadn’t come to our turn, we looked it up on the map & realized we’d passed the turn about a mile previously. We decided to roll with it, and instead of running on the North Shore road, we did the South Shore. It really was gorgeous.

Pretty bridges



Doesn’t Sarah look happy & full of energy? She is a GREAT actress! 

We got back to the start at about 8 miles, and decided it was good. As Zach pointed out yesterday, you have to take into account the vertical gain during the run, which probably added another couple miles, right? RIGHT?

After running, we grabbed some bagels & coffee and then headed to the Portland Farmer’s Market to pick up our CSA share. We are splitting a share, which was advertised as enough for a family of four each week. Since we are each families of two, it seemed great!

The CSA share has been a bit sparse. And a little disappointing. For instance, in this week’s share, we got two heads of broccoli. One of which looked like this:


Also included were some wilty looking greens, 11 roma tomatoes (that were mysteriously placed under the other items in the bag, leading to some tomato bruising), a bag of green beans (that looked great!), and 4 zucchini. Previous shares have included apples (that were obviously from last fall) and potatoes (ditto).  So sad, right?

ANYWAYS, Saturday afternoon, after I got home, was packed with homework. Lots of stuff to do. I seriously don’t know what I’ll do with my life when I’m done with school!  I will have so much free time!

By the time Saturday evening rolled around, I was (again) exhausted. We had a low-key evening with Harry (spelled it right the first time!) Potter, el fin, and I was in bed early again.

Sunday was a busy day – I can’t even believe that was just yesterday!

I woke up at about 7:15 so I could get read to go spectate Jen’s triathlon at Vancouver Lake. When I woke up, I had a text from her saying it was pouring & she might not go. A couple minutes later she texted saying it was ON! so I got up, got dressed & headed to the ‘Couv to meet Emily. We loaded up on caffeine & headed through the drizzle to the race site. We got there just in time! Jen was in transition #1, having killed it on the swim! We were able to see her get on the bike & take off!


The skies were low and heavy, but the rain was holding off…for now.

It started raining while we were waiting for her to come back, but it mostly wasn’t too bad.  At least for us spectators 🙂

We got to see all the charity leaders (and never did quite figure out what that meant) come into the bike & start on the run, and then Jen came back in, looking really strong. We stalked her down the transition, yelling at her over a hedge (yelling at her encouragingly, of course), and then cheered her out of transition two. It was raining a fairly decent amount at this time, so I kept my phone safely tucked away in my pocket so it wouldn’t get wet. (Or, perhaps I just forgot.)

I did manage to check Emily, Zach & I into Frenchman’s Bar on Facebook (it’s not really a bar), so maybe I wasn’t too concerned about my phone!

We cheered for all the runners coming out of T2 for about 15 minutes before heading over to the finish area.

Pretty soon, Jen zoomed across the finish line.


She placed second in her age group – pretty good considering her year-and-a-half hiatus from triathlons, right?

Shortly after that, it started raining in earnest. Driving back home was a little nerve wracking! The freeway lane lines were barely visible in the rain and there were a few big puddles to navigate through after I got off the freeway.

The rest of the afternoon was spent alternately lazing about & working on the bathroom remodel. (The architect is doing the plans & drawings now, and I occasionally helped by sending pictures of tile.)

Around 5, we headed to Rogue to meet up with birthday boy Andrew & his lovely wife Lisa for celebratory beers and gifties.

All too soon, the day was over, and I was tucked in bed in anticipating of the 5 am alarm clock.

This week is supposed to be warmer & sunnier than last week, but I am hoping that tomorrow forecast of gray skies and drizzle holds true for my planned afternoon run!

Happy week, y’all!

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