Toesday – now with 95% fewer shoes pictures and 0% more foot pictures
Toesday – now with 95% fewer shoes pictures and 0% more foot pictures

Toesday – now with 95% fewer shoes pictures and 0% more foot pictures

I have no shoes for you today. I am too depressed for shoes. Why, you might ask?

Because of these:

They do not fit well. They hurt. And while pre-surgery, I was willing to put up with some pain in the name of beautiful shoes, not anymore. Especially not when they cost that much. So, back to kate they go. 🙁

Also, Nordstrom’s is all “buy your fall shoes!” and I’m not ready yet! (Unless you are – let me know – I take requests.)

*le sigh*

So, I am going to talk about feet instead. Because it’s still thematic.

My feet have been pretty good. I’ve been half-assedly doing my PT exercises, which is way better than the no-assed previous commitments to PT. (In fact, last night I even got my exercise sheet out and put it on my desk and looked at it!)

The running is going reasonably well. I hope. I am running 14 miles on Sunday. I need more biking & swimming, but am getting a little of that in, too.

What I really need more of (besides time) is strength training. That is my big FAIL in the exercise world.

I have been interrupted by actual work about a half dozen times since starting this post, and the idea of doing a fall shoe preview is growing on me (since I keep accidentally clicking on the Nordstrom boot browser). BUT – I will hold strong. No boots ’til after Labor Day (we have to have some standards, right?)

So – anyways, thanks for reading super stream of consciousness blog post of the day.

In summation: shoes = good; my kate spade shoes = bad; fall boots in July = bad but something to look forward to; feet = good; my performance of PT exercises = D+; this blog post = F.

(Did you like how I switched to a letter grade system at the end?)



  1. I know, right? BUT, I wore them downstairs yesterday morning (like, from my bedroom to my living room) and they hurt so much I had to take them off. Currently they are a centerpiece on my dining room table. So freaking sad.

  2. Everytime you post pictures of shoes I smile, folllowed by a cringe. I look back and wonder how I ever fit into some of those shoes in my 20’s! Cute, but not worth it if they cause pain all day. At least they’re starting to make some cuter supportive shoes. Maybe not Kate Spade, but their must be happy medium.

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