Three (3) Things Thursday

Today’s three things are brought to you by the recent popular search engine terms people used to find this blog.

1. Pictures of emotional pain. I can help with that! In honor of 3 things Thursday, I will give you the first three pictures of emotional pain that show up in my Flickr search.



2. Unicorn bicycle. My only comment: AWESOME!

3. I Suck (this is a really popular search term).


I think you should all thank me for NOT posting any pictures of the #2 search term of all time (probably #1 if I took all iterations): SPIDERS!

* all photos were found by searching my 3 things key words for Creative Commons licensed photos at Flickr.

5 responses to “Three (3) Things Thursday

  1. Cool pics, those are good finds. and you get the strangest search terms.

  2. I like the bee photo!

    How are you holding up? Will I get to see you tonight? You and I might be taking turns sleeping in the corner :).

    Want to swim with Jen and I on Friday? Also, we need to pick our meeting spot for next thursday. Preferably somewhere where we can see each other at beginning and end, I am still rehabing the foot and knee but can run/walk up to about 5 miles.

  3. That top one made me think of Rygel from Farscape.

    Thank you for not posting the pictures that you didn’t post….Shudder!

  4. I really dig the unicorn bike!

    By the way, hi! Found you via some comment on The Blogess.

  5. That camera picture is awesome.