July 2011 Goals

Holy crap! How is it July already? This is completely insane.

I wonder how I did this month. I definitely felt a wee bit less insane than May, but does that translate to better goal achievement?

June 2011 Goals

  1. Lose 3-4 lbs – I know, right? Maybe some day I will win. This was not the day of win. Again, though, no gain.
  2. Finish guest room fancifying – Dammit! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  3. Upstairs storage solutions  – Dammit! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  4. Make cheddar SUCCESS!  Yay!
  5. Get my awesome new prints hung in the kitchen SUCCESS!  Yay!
  6. Finish triathlon! SUCCESS!  Yay!
  7. Enjoy summer break from school. SUCCESS!  Yay!

Four of out seven successes? I’ll take it!

June 30 day challenge

Send out 31 postcards…if you want one, sign up to the right or email me your address at gazellesoncrack at gmail; there are still a few slots open! Can I count this as a win if they are all mailed this morning? Seriously. I have all 31 addressed & am going to the PO for stamps today. Success, right?

June Training Goals

  1. Weights/Yoga/Swim/Bike – 16x this month – FAIL!  Only 10 times.
  2. Run 50 miles – FAIL! 45 miles this month. However, that is almost twice as many as last month, so no complaints. July is going to kick ass.
  3. Lift weights at least twice – FAIL! I did, however, go once. Yay me?
  4. 20 hours of exercise – FAIL! About 20 minutes short of 18 hours. BUT – the most hours worked out since May of last year! Woo!
  5. Hit all planned long runs – SUCCESS! My four weekend runs were: 9, triathlon, 11, 12 – and I did them all! Woot!


July 2011 Goals

  1. Lose 3-4 lbs – Seriously. I mean it.
  2. Finish guest room fancifying – Ditto.
  3. Make more Parmesan
  4. Finish the month confident in my ability to do my new job.
  5. Get bathroom cost estimate completed, find a plumber, and get the bathroom remodel started
  6. Do PT exercises every non-running day! Starting today, obviously.

July 31 day challenge

I am going to go back to the “picture a day” challenge. I like that one.  Also, less time consuming than some others I have on my list. 🙂  Keep an eye on the sidebar for the updates!

July Training Goals

  1. Weights/Yoga/Swim/Bike – 16x this month
  2. Run 80 miles 
  3. Lift weights at least three times
  4. 25 hours of exercise – minimum! It should be waaay more than this. 🙂
  5. Hit all planned long runs – until marathon training is over!
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