2011 Goal Check-in

Waaaay back in January, I made some goals for the year. Now that we’re (gasp!) half way through 2011, I thought I’d check in and see how I’m doing.

  1. Run a half marathon by the end of June. – FAIL! My first half marathon will be 4 days after the end of June. Actually, that’s not too bad. I think I’ll take it as a SUCCESS! instead. 🙂
  2. Read 52 non-paranormal romance books, including at least 12 from my Nobel Prize list. – hmmm….need to step this up a bit. Including school books, I’ve read 17 non paranormal romance books so far, and only one from the Nobel Prize list.
  3. SIRASANA! With no wall support. – I did do this, albeit for only about 20 seconds. I’m not ready to call it a success yet, though.
  4. Take fencing classes. – I have decided to put this on hold until next year after I finish grad school. The new job stuff just made this an unrealistic thing to add to my list for the year.
  5. Achieve contentment with my body (which may be a combination of weight loss and muscle gain) – in progress. 🙂
  6. Take a few risks that may lead to happiness – the things I had in mind specifically when I wrote this will not happen, but that’s due to changes I had no control over. We’ll see how I feel in another few months.
  7. Secret Goal that I don’t want to talk about – this is also on hold, due to the change in job situation, but I still have plans for this soon!
  8. Finalize my capstone paper topic and get ready to finish grad school!I have finalized my capstone topic, and will start the process on 10/31/11, so SUCCESS!
  9. 5K PR – not yet; we’ll see.
  10. Successful cheddar cheese! – I have cheddar made that will be waxed this weekend. Another 4 months & I’ll know how this goal went.
  11. Eliminate all non-mortgage & non-student loan debt. – I will be pretty close to a success on this by the end of the year I think. I’ve made some good progress!
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