Three Things Thursday

It is still Thursday, and I am still at work, so this totally still counts. (PS – all descriptive photos are found by searching Creative Commons licensed photos at Flickr.)

1. I have worked eleventy billion hours this week. And that’s not even including the school work that I must do every night. Like tonight. It is a big schoolwork night. I am so done with grad school at this point. I threaten to quit every night. BUT – I am so close to being done. What will I do with all that free time? I don’t even know. It will be wonderful, wonderful freedom.

I will be a peaceful boat; a FREE peaceful boat

2. Speaking of freedom, did you know that there is a federal holiday happening soon to celebrate the USA’s independence from the UK? Well, there is!  AND – do you know what that means? If you said hotdogs, potato salad, and strawberry shortcake, followed by a bonfire and some tasteful (and safe) explosions, then give yourself a sparkler! Cannot wait for the 2nd annual July 4 bbq!

Not likely the fireworks that I will purchase tomorrow

3. Summer. Finally. It is here. The sun is out, and the 10 day forecast is amazing. I am ready for some quality outdoor activities. Tomorrow, I am starting summeriffic season with a walkabout at the Rose Garden and a swim with some of my favorite Portlanders!  Yay summer!

Cannot wait for this view tomorrow!

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