Three Things Thursday
Three Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday

It is still Thursday, and I am still at work, so this totally still counts. (PS – all descriptive photos are found by searching Creative Commons licensed photos at Flickr.)

1. I have worked eleventy billion hours this week. And that’s not even including the school work that I must do every night. Like tonight. It is a big schoolwork night. I am so done with grad school at this point. I threaten to quit every night. BUT – I am so close to being done. What will I do with all that free time? I don’t even know. It will be wonderful, wonderful freedom.

I will be a peaceful boat; a FREE peaceful boat

2. Speaking of freedom, did you know that there is a federal holiday happening soon to celebrate the USA’s independence from the UK? Well, there is!  AND – do you know what that means? If you said hotdogs, potato salad, and strawberry shortcake, followed by a bonfire and some tasteful (and safe) explosions, then give yourself a sparkler! Cannot wait for the 2nd annual July 4 bbq!

Not likely the fireworks that I will purchase tomorrow

3. Summer. Finally. It is here. The sun is out, and the 10 day forecast is amazing. I am ready for some quality outdoor activities. Tomorrow, I am starting summeriffic season with a walkabout at the Rose Garden and a swim with some of my favorite Portlanders!  Yay summer!

Cannot wait for this view tomorrow!


  1. Brian of Doom

    You could always find a Ph.D. program, Cissell dear.

    I’m spending my weekend catching up on my journal reading (I’ve two whole issues of Speculum to read), reading Samantha Zacher’s monograph on the Vercelli book, editing my manuscript (mostly tweaking tables, verifying references, and inserting extra footnotes to appear extra learned), and giving thought to my statement of purpose for those applications which are due in December. Oh, and I’m rowing on Saturday.

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