Keep your bones on!

There are so many things I want to tell you, but unfortunately I do not have time.

  1. Brew Review! It was just pre-sugery, and I haven’t yet posted the review.
  2. Book Reviews! I still haven’t recapped my last 75 books I’ve read!
  3. Shoe Reveiw! I actually don’t have any shoes to review, per se, but review was the theme, and review and shoe rhyme, so that’s kinda awesome.

But instead, I’m working like crazy, trying to stay awake, doing school work, fending off my back to normal appetite, and pretending that there is no Halloween clean up left at my house.

BUT – a small amusement!

I work with a bunch of doctors – both research docs and clinician docs. As I was crutching my way down the hall to fill up my water this morning, one of them said, “Hey! I could’ve filled that for you.”

Me: No big – it’s good to get up & walk around.

Doc: Yes, it is actually. Otherwise your bones could fall off.

Me: Ha, ha!

Doc: No seriously. That’s why astronauts….blah blah blah….isn’t medical school awesome?

So – there you have it folks. Medical opinion. Get up and walk around or else your bones could fall off!

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